A Week of Fragrance – Burberry Body Eau de Toilette

Similar in scent to the Body line but lighter overall, this is the new Burberry Body Eau de Toilette. It is housed in a slender multi-faceted tube body. The crisp clear glass bottle is demystified with a top that features the iconic check design in shiny silver. Burberry’s vial like bottle reminds me so much of a potion. A potion that you would usually find in a RPG video game, such as Final Fantasy or even World of Warcraft.

Burberry Body Eau de Toilette

Scents for summer or near end of summer are usually sparkling and light. Fruity and floral probably? The stronger ones can wait until winter.

The composition of this fragrance upon initial spritz is very light and crispy clean. Refreshing as it maybe, it is also quite sweet to the nose. After smelling it up close, a basket full of fruits are filled up all throughout my head. I think it is the effect of fruit cravings. But it isn’t my head playing tricks on me. There are new flavors of green apple (remember eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away) and tea. Just those two combinations make me want to go for afternoon tea with sweets too!

Burberry Body EDT really shows the fresh greens and sweetness of summer. It’s effortlessly sensual, seductive and luxurious, perfect for a date on a hot day or night.

Earlier in the year, I showed the Burberry Body Mist. The primary difference is the text and cap color. Body Mist sported a rose gold color whereas the EDT is silver.

Even the opening of the flaps has been revamped. The newer one has better hold and protection with 3 hinges whereas the older design only had 1 hinge on the top flap.

Here is the differences before your eyes of the bottle design. Body Mist is overall bronze rose gold with frosty / misty glass design that looks almost like wearing a veil. The new EDT version is transparent in design with silver colors. You could say the EDT has a cleaner cut.

Burberry Body’s newest edition to the family, is a fragrance that can be sported as walking on a hot summer street wearing a casual dress with loose beachy hair getting wind swept over the shoulder. The sweetness with hints of fruitiness makes this perfume the natural match for a lighthearted day.

Burberry Body EDT can be found at Burberry.com and Burberry boutiques.

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