AmorePacific Introduces Limited Edition Pure Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil


AMOREPACIFIC launches the first highly concentrated, limited edition, pure Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil. It works to: dramatically restore the natural liveliness and vitality of the skin, conditions dry, dehydrated skin and repairs accumulated environmental damage.

The bold, pure energy of this exclusive Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil is attributed to AMOREPACIFIC’s world‐renowned harvesting process. AMOREPACIFIC’s private green tea field on Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea, is the sole source of this precious oil. It is extracted from green tea seeds that are cultivated only once a year, between the winter months, from November to January when the Island’s green tea flowers produce this spectacular seed grain.

Naturally high in vitamin E, linoleic acid, polyphenols and catechins, the Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil is bottled at the height of its potency to help fortify the natural lipid barrier of the skin to deeply hydrate, protect from harmful stressors and restore its natural luminosity. Also rich in Green Tea Omega Ceramide, the oil soothes the skin while recovering the damaged barrier, improving skin cell regeneration, elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Exposure to each season’s harsh climatic elements, particularly fluctuating temperatures and changing moisture levels, can deprive the skin of its essential oils and natural brilliancy. This luxurious treatment absorbs rapidly to reinforce the strength of the skin’s natural barrier. It is particularly beneficial for evening application just before bedtime when the skin undergoes its most active regeneration cycle.

As beautiful to behold at as to use, Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil is packaged in an elegant bottle with custom dropper that mimics AMOREPACIFIC’s green tea seed plant, and allows for effortless application. The nourishing experience is further enhanced by AMOREPACIFIC’s signature scent of delicate green tea flowers that calm your skin and comfort your mind and body.

To apply, gently pat three full drops of the Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil onto the cheeks, forehead, nose and neck with your palms after the TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Serum and before the TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Cream for best results.



AVAILABILITY: Select Neiman Marcus stores (888.888.4757 and Bergdorf Goodman (212.872.2770 and Sephora (877.SEPHORA and AMOREPACIFIC Beauty Gallery and Spa in New York City (212.966.0400)



For over 65 years, AMOREPACIFIC has introduced millions of women to the benefits of skincare, blending the rarest and most potent Asian botanicals with cutting edge technology and a global beauty philosophy that emphasizes a nurturing approach to skin health.

Using the highest level of care to cultivate the highest quality ingredients, AMOREPACIFIC ensures the purity of ingredients from planting to purchase. Using botanicals such as green tea, six year old Korean red ginseng, matsutake mushrooms and nutrient‐rich bamboo sap to nourish the skin as they have nourished the body for centuries. AMOREPACIFIC only uses green tea plants harvested from AMOREPACIFIC owned and operated green tea gardens on Jeju Island off the coast of Korea. Visit www.amorepacific‐ to discover more.


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  1. Dolores February 10, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    AP comes out with the finest skincare. I especially love their Time Response line. It makes me look younger.

  2. Jules Ko February 10, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    What a odd looking design.


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