April Beauty Magazines

I just finished reading April’s beauty magazines. I also got 5 nail magazines/books so I can learn some techniques.

There’re 2 EST liquid make up active aura white samples and a makeup pouch come with Maquia. The foundation is supposed to make you look more fair.

I was looking for a good short hair design and I think I might just found the one I want.

The magazine is filled with whitening products and Givenchy Doctor White especially caught my eyes.

There’re also some simple dishes made by the beautiful ladies.

I would wake up every morning for breakfast like this.

Voce included an Ipsa powder compact sample. I tried some Ipsa skincare products before and now it’s good to try some makeup products.

Makeup artist Shimada’s lesson about foundation.

The new Chanel Coco Rough lipsticks got featured too.

Biteki has a Lunasol makeup lesson DVD~! The lesson is informative and detailed. I wish they used more products.

For the Spring season, the magazine made 2 looks using 2 eyeshadow palettes. Which one do you prefer? I vote for color.

Now moving on to the nail books and magazines. These acrylic paints are not cheap!

Beautiful tropical scene and cute kitty design drew by hand.

Some other cute designs.

Talking about magazines, it’s about time for a bookstore run tonight.

2 Responses to April Beauty Magazines

  1. Crystal April 15, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    Thanks for sharing. I like the colored look also. I think blue and green are really in style this season. I wonder what brand is the palette in the book? I really wish I can really Japanese^0^

  2. ning * star April 15, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    wow… the nail art is pretty! which magazine is your all time favorite?


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