bareMinerals Power Neutrals Collection Swatches Review

Long time no see. It has been a while since our last post. The world in relations to time has been slowly turning and spinning. Time sometimes stop but other times it spins much faster than we can even handle. The dial has its own rhythm which I don’t control. However, there will be a lot more things happening soon for Fruity Lashes. So time doesn’t just stop here indefinitely without cause. More on life and things at a later time, some of you know what is happening to me in life but things are better left unspoken of waiting for a better tomorrow.

But first thing first, let’s give a huge shout out to the Bare Escentuals team. It’s been a blast working with you guys since day one. Thanks for putting in trust and understanding in Fruity Lashes. Also thanks for being a fabulous local cali company. Please keep releasing the amazing beauty products. You guys rock!

Today, the much sought after Neutrals that make inner beauty shine from the outside can be seen from bareMinerals. The collection of makeup that doesn’t have the dramatic and colorful touches that exaggerate the look. Neutrals indeed pretty much bring the inner beauty that subtly but surely enhance the overall natural appearance.

bareMinerals Power Neutrals Collection

Starting off is the Power Neutral Ready Eyeshadow 8.0 palette. The eyes is what we call the window to our soul. What is better than to enhance one of the most import part on our face, the eyes, with colors that are the most basic yet most essential. The eyeshadow palette comes with 8 neutral colors that are closely resemble that of our skin.

Colors include earthy tones with a spectrum from beige to chocolate in hue. Shimmers are included in a few colors, but don’t worry matte shadow lovers there are a few for you as well. Each color has a buttery soft, cream like touch while they are intend to last a total of 12 hours in wear time.

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow The Power Neutrals

The swatches below are presented in the same order of the shadows in the pan.

Top row: Boss Lady, Moneymaker, Schmooze, Boardroom
Bottom row: Exec, Payday, Magnate, Get Ahead

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow The Power Neutrals Swatch

The Blush is next. Code named Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush, the blush has a cool swirly design across three colors, it be seen as a deep sand like desert or maybe a wave of summer garden flowers. Each color can be worn by itself or blended together for a fresh rosy glow. As you can see in the swatch below, this face color is really subtle when applied using a brush. Basically you can’t really go overboard by accident, though it’s still buildable when a stronger look is desired. The overall look is natural with hints of shimmers sparkly across the cheeks.

bareMinerals READY Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush

bareMinerals READY Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush Swatch

What is a complete look on the face without makeup for the lips. The new Take Charge Moxie Lipstick comes in a glamorous shiny as ever gold case but there is something special about it. The lipstick has a new mechanism where there is a slider on the side to lock the cap and the lipstick itself in place. Make sure you hear a click when closing the cap. Color wise it is a nude rose with high impact pigments and incredibly creamy in texture. Application can be seen in swatch in a bit.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Take Charge

Pairing with the lipstick is the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Super Power. The lipgloss comes in a peachy color that is highlighting but also has hues mixed in of liquid gold. Maybe Tinkerbell passed by sprinkling some gold dust. This lipgloss is somewhat sheer with just enough color to give lips a fuller and glossy finish.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Super Power

Here is a swatch of both the lipstick and lipgloss. As you can see the lipstick is a rosy color that includes a little milky custard color in it whereas the lipgloss is golden peach.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Take Charge Super Power Swatch

If you wanted to see how the lipstick and lipgloss performs on the lips directly, here they are. The first one is Take Charge lipstick alone and the second is Super Power applied on top.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Take Charge Swatch

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Take Charge with Super Power Swatch

Last but not least, the new Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara is the MVP of this all star collection. Eyelashes are usually neglected but plays a huge role between a good makeup and a best makeup. Even with the same eyeshadow and everything, intense volume with miles long lashes can enlarge the eyes by several folds. Believe it or not, think Barbie. With the uniquely designed spiral brush, Lash Domination can achieve 10 benefits with a single coat. Not only does it add volume, length, thickness, but it also separates, lifts each and every lash, stays all day, smudge free, clump free and flake free. Best of all, it’s mineral fortified. I’ll stop here for now so you can give it a try and tell me how you think.


BareMinerals has came out with yet another collection that brings out the best of the inner beauty. The neutrals, colors that best reflect the season especially during the times when the sun is up more and daytime seems to be endless. That is when the face can be seen clearly with zero fault. From the eyeshadow to the lipstick, each color complements and coordinates with each other to bring the perfected look wherever you are.

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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