Bath and Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Everyday regardless of how many people we meet or things we touch there are always germs! Whether the germs are gooey yellow, germy green, or even punky purple they just don’t go away… Hand soaps and agents to get rid of germs are always around the corner. Not to mention hand sanitizers.

There are so many hand sanitizers now ranging from no-smell to pleasant smell. But are they good for our purse and pockets?

Here is a solution Bath and Body Works drafted up PocketBac to help us. It has different smells that are easily recognizable and best of all you can say “NO!” to germs on the go.

I am going to show you 4 chewable sized bottles of PocketBac… I meant pocket fitting ones that are midnight pomegranate, s’mores, apple pie, and fresh lemon. The smells aren’t your everyday overpowering smells, they are a little subtle and won’t make you sneeze. No alcohol smell. The magic behind it? Tahitian Palm Milk!

The gel consists of micro beads that exfoliate and scrub away dirt or even germs stuck on our palms. The formula is also not as clumped but more liquified which can easily be applied all over the hands, which is great for even distribution.

The product is amazing especially the formula. It works like an everyday hand sanitizer that kills germs but it doesn’t leave the hands too dry or even hurting. Some hand sanitizers require multiple pumps and packs a punch at removing all the oil and moisture that our hands have but with this none of that can be seen from a mile away.

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