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Plastic or cosmetic surgery, however you want to call it, is sometimes quite scary. But other times, it is the key to making one beautiful, maybe even flawless. Dr. Jacono is a renown plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Manhattan. Not only is he a surgeon, he is also a professor in his field at multiple institutions. He has countless achievements. He has shared with us the insights of looking natural and plastic as well in his new book, The Face of the Future.

The Face of the Future by Dr. Jacono

The entire book is quite interesting. There is an approach of talking about golden proportions of length where eyebrows should be and how much lip should be synced to the face and more. Dr. Jacono goes from looking natural to going plastic surgery. But he does talk about how to optimize skincare routines.

I decided to take a few images from pages that I found quite interesting. The first image talks about the eyebrows and the distance. It is known as the Golden Proportion. Next, it talks about the lips and how applying lipstick can create a perfect set of lips.

The Face of the Future 1

The Face of the Future 2

The image directly below talks about the skin cell where there are 3 layers to the skin. The epidermis, dermis, and fat layer. Hair Restoration was something interesting as well, so I decided to take a quick snap of the page.

The Face of the Future 3

The Face of the Future 4

The book just goes on and on about how the face can look natural without plastic surgery. There are also other things that Dr. Jacono talks about as well which includes plastic surgery.

Dr. Andrew Jacono

If your looking for a good read on understanding the skin and what can be done to make yourself look beautiful, this book is the thing. It goes from talking about what makes ones face beautiful to skincare and finally to going under the knife. Well maybe the knife… There are also a lot of before and after photos for your viewing pleasure. Those photos are all from before going under the knife to after. Each image is also described in greater detail on what happened and such. Overall, the book is a great read regarding the face.

Dr. Jacono’s book can be found online at Barnes & Noble.

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