The Beauty Vault Series – Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Holiday 2011 Shadow Brilliance 001

Ever wondering what’s hidden in our murky guarded beauty vault? Recently the little bluefin guy decides to go on vacation once or twice a week. Bad murky, bad! Luckily the chance is that everyone gets to see the treasures in our vault. This week let’s meet Cosme Decorte Magie Deco¬†Shadow Brilliance 001 from Christmas 2011 Coffret.

Besides the eyeshadow palette, the coffret also includes a cheek color, a face color and a gold toned face brush. Today we’ll be focusing on the shadow brilliance only. The shadow itself is in much detailed design with 5 humble beiges/brown shades that are gorgeous enough for both everyday wear and special occasions. The details on the compact is eve more breathtaking.

Now that murky’s break is over so we need to hurry up and return the treasure. Hope you had fun and see you next time!

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