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I have a lot of stuff that I don’t use. I hope they go to a new home. Please do check back as new items will be listed often. Thanks!

Sale Rules:

  1. All items are new and in good condition unless stated otherwise.
  2. US buyer only. All sales are final. No returns or refunds.
  3. Paypal only. The price is in US dollar.
  4. S&H cost is $5.00 for the first 2 items, then $1.00 for each additional item.

How To Order:

  1. Email me at: lifespice09 (at) gmail (dot) com, Subject line: “Blog Sale Request”
  2. Items you would like to purchase

Grapefruits Sparkling Bath Salt $4.00

Lipstick and Brush Stand $3.00

Craft Parts Case #1 (great for nail stones and pills) $3.00

Craft Part Case #2 $3.00

Slimity Body Roller $4.00

Lotion Pack Cotton (8pcs) $2.50

Wide Head Band $3.00

Pa Eyelash #1 $5.00

Pa Eyelash #2 $5.00

Face Care Mask (12pcs) $5.50

Nail Buffer $3.00

Eternal Nail Sticker #1 $5.50

Eternal Nail Sticker #2 $5.50

Eternal Nail Sticker #3 $5.50

Eternal Nail Stone Blue (25small 15big) $5.50

Eternal Nail Stone Yellow (25small 15big) $5.50

Eternal Nail Stone Red (25small 15big) $5.50

Eternal Nail Stone Pink (25small 15big) $5.50

Nail Stone Set #1 $3.50

Nail Stone Set #2 $3.50

Powder Puff $4.00

B&C Browlash EX Eyelash Treatment (used 5 times) $8.00

Narisup Natural Pack Eggshell&Collagen (used 5 times) $4.00

Narisup Natural Pack Green Tea&AHA (used 5 times) $4.00

Kose Clear Turn Facial Mask $2.00

Kracie Gaba Facial Mask $3.00

My Beauty Diary Mask Japanese Cherry Blossom $2.00

B&C Lab Melts and Washes Away Black Head Cream Remover (used 1 times) $9.00

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 (used 2 times) $10.00

Naive Makeup Cleansing Foam Grapefruit (used 2 times) $5.00

Narisup Eggshell Carbon Nose Black Peel $8.00

Chanel pencil Sharpener $2.50

Dior Pencil Sharpener $2.50

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