Bombay Express De Chanel Collection Route Des Indes De Chanel, Diwali Swatches and Review

Chanel’s Bombay Express Collection is all about the art work and royal looks of India. It is all about the pretty golds and sparkling luxuries. For the collection, I am going to show you both the Rouge Des Indes illuminating powder and the Diwali nail polish.

Route Des Indes De Chanel is such a nice looking embroidered Indian brocade design palette. Its golden color is like the ones from the mythical books of Hinduism. The pattern is just like a frozen in time captured look of a lotus and its petals. Artwork meets makeup!

Setting this palette in the sun, you can see the highlighting touches of the powder. Full of golden shimmers and silver glitters splattered over its design, the palette shines just like a river of pure gold.

Unfortunately, the sparkle won’t live long because it is a simple overspray on the artwork. Right after you take the brush and start using the palette, the nice golden artwork is essentially ruined. It almost immediately gives off a bronze rusted look on edges and areas of the art. To me this seemed like rusted gold jewelry. Regardless how pretty the palette is, it’s really a shame that Chanel does this every time to its illuminating/highlighting powders. Does it have to be so cruel?

Here is a swatch comparison of the highlighting powder. If you look at it the far left was the first time use. It is very sparkly with golden shimmer and silver glitters, giving off an iridescent touch. Though the glitters being a bit chalking, the overall look is quite eye catching. After about 2-3 times of usage, the palette will become what it looks above. So now we have the middle swatch of heavy handed and right swatch of light handed. Color pigmentation is lovely as you can apply it on the eyes for a radiant golden look. On the cheeks, it can be illuminating without looking overly shiny.

With the Bombay Express Collection, Chanel made a matching nail polish known as Diwali. It is a full glowing mix of gold and silver tones. You might note that the look is quite metallic as well.

Here is the nail polish directly in the sun. It is like liquid gold except with white silvery shimmers.

The formula on this polish seems quite smooth for a metallic polish. There is only minor brush marks. Pigmentation is surprisingly very high compare to the sheer gold look in the bottle. A single coat is essentially good enough but a second coat gives a more intense gold look to the nails. My impression on it is sparkly and eyecatching. Without a doubt Diwali is a beautiful gold polish. But I wish the color is more complex and more unique, like Peridot or Duo Platinum. The swatches below are taken indoor and with camera flash respectively.

Upon an initial look the two products out of the Bombay Express Collection really sparkle and there was a genuine desire to own the makeup. Though, I wish the nail polish and the powder could match every single time. Unfortunately, the company had to simply put on a one time use spray of glittery powder. After that, it is simply a ruined beauty palette. Despite the nail polish being pretty, it doesn’t seem much different than other gold nail polishes the brand has created in the past. For $80 on a single time pretty looking palette and $30 on an unoriginal nail polish, I have a hard time justifying the price in relations to usability / look.

The Bombay Express collection is available online at

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  1. Cristina June 29, 2012 at 6:55 AM

    I love the polish 🙂

  2. Salvador Navarro September 8, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    My wife will definitely love the nail polish. It will certainly make her feel like a queen with gold on her fingertips.


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