Brazilian Peel Antidote to Aging Review

Have you ever seen skincare that come in syringes like the ones you see nurses have? Minus the big needle though… Usually when we get a shot at the doctor’s office, it is something that is much stronger than what we can get our hands on. Let’s take a look!

Brazillian Peel

Brazilian Peel is probably a quick answer to anti-aging and younger skin. It is based off 3 ingredients which includes Glycolic, Natural Acai Berry, and Q-Mag Neutralizer. These 3 ingredients are what the answer is towards Brazilian Peel. They hold the key to having younger skin with anti-aging properties. Not to mention these are professional strength products as well.

Brazillian Peel Box Info

Brazilian Peel comes in 4 syringe tubes. Other than being colorful, it almost looks like getting a shot at the doctors office. Quite innovative but rather scary at the same time. Though, there isn’t a sight of needle.

There are probably a lot of things to watch out for while you use this. You gotta make sure that you put on sunscreen after use especially for a total of seven days. Do not use this after an abrasive exfoliation session. What you want to do is use a syringe once per week after the skin is neat and cleansed. Obviously though, don’t apply the syringe on the face, instead put it in the palm of the hand and blend both chambers of formula, white and clear, together after dispensing. Also avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, nostrils and lips. Just leave the peel on for a full 10 minutes then rinse off with cool water. It is very important to rinse the hands.

Brazillian Peel Syringe

Brazillian Peel Syringe

Brazillian Peel Syringe 1

After a month of 4 weeks treatment, Brazilian Peel actually does firm and tone the skin as it says. The result is rather quick as well, with immediate glow afterwards. It reduces fine lines and helps even out skintones. Even during the brutal winter season, my usual dry flakey skin looked so much softer and smoother. It also helped control blemishes and breakouts which is an added bonus benefit.

Brazilian Peel is available at Sephora and for a larger kit, Nordstrom.

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