Chanel Fall 2011 Nail Polish 529 Graphite Swatch and Review

So yesterday, there was Quartz from Chanel and that really stuck out by giving us a sense that Autumn is on its way. Well today there is a much more different approach when compared with yesterday’s brownish taupe color.

… And here it is! Here comes the 2nd nail polish for Fall 2011 from Chanel, “Graphite!” The color immediately is seen as aluminum in color with sparkles throughout.

As you might notice the sparkles are like gazillions amounts of sand captured all inside a bottle that holds an aluminum silvery color.

You might notice also that from the previous two pictures when compared to the next one is that different angles and lighting changes our perception of color that is emitted from this bottle.

When compared between 1 and 2 coats, the result is very guessable. 1 coat brings us a much transparent visual image whereas two coats has a much more solid body look. The consistency is thin and easy to apply as you might notice the evenness. And there’s no way to leave any brush marks behind.

Just like the swatch review of Quartz yesterday, this bottle also has many sparkling glitter / sparkling dust that enhance its look when positioned under the sun.

Below I have taken numerous photos to show you the difference of the colors produced when under various lighting. Just think of it as eye-candy!

Graphite is quite different from Quartz in terms of texture and finish. It’s sparkly with glitter and shines in its own way. It seems like an aluminum foil that can capture various source of lighting and its colors so its almost like a reflective mirror except this polish shines! I would recommend this color to anyone that is going out partying because of its attention grabbing cool factor.

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  1. Perilously Pale June 30, 2011 at 5:29 AM

    You captured Graphite beautifully!


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