Chef Pig On Duty

Christmas dinner was probably something that was hard to think about. My wife made 2 dishes and I did 2. Great! 2 for 2! What I did was hard to think of. So I did some last minute debating whether or not I should go with Prime Rib or just steak. What did I end up with? Surf and Turf… Well sort of… I guess… On to the dishes!!!

I went to my local meat market and I ended up buying Prime bone-in Ribeye & Scallops. Here are pictures of them prior to cooking to show the freshness.

Steak was probably the easiest one to make out of all of them. The steak had signs of nature beef fat which was a good thing since tenderness would be evenly distributed. I then took a look at the thickness of the steak and determined 8 min cooking on one side would be proper and a quick 2 min on the other should suffice.

Thus brings us to the ingredients used for the blackened steak which was made with the following to give a more flavorful blast.

Caramelized Maui onion sauce


Olive Oil

Salt/Lemon Pepper

The scallops had to be a much more time consuming approach due to the different style of cooking I wanted to test. I wanted to perfect the flavor with burn marks.

I used the following when testing the dish:


Caramelized Maui onions

Remy Martin VSOP

Margarine butter


Olive Oil

Salt/Lemon Pepper

Hope you enjoyed my cooking as much as I did…. See you next time….

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  1. vernz_08 December 13, 2010 at 11:18 PM

    wow…the food looks delicious (=
    im drooling now..makes me so hungry!!
    I prefer lamb chop with mint sauce.taste good too…easy to cook too..


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