China Glaze Anchors Away Collection Ahoy, Life Preserver, Pelican Gray Swatch and Review

Ahoy me scallywags! Let’s set sail into a nautical adventure… China Glaze came out with Anchors Away during Spring 2011. The unforgettable collection of 12 polishes stun us with bold and bright colors that are fresh for the season.

Out of all the colors I would like to share with you three colors that are both unique and stunning. They are 947 Ahoy!, 945 Life Preserver, and 952 Pelican Gray. Each of the colors as you can see range respectively from hot raspberry pink, murky orange, and cool toned gray. The sailor themed colors really bring out the best of everyone especially the change of atmosphere right after winter.

947 Ahoy! Love the gold and ruby flecks in the sea of intense pink.


I love how it shows two different results with one coat and two coat application. Since the pigmentation is great, you can go for a more innocent look with just one thin coat. And there’s absolutely no streakiness or color show through. Or you’ll get a more sensual and intense look with two coats. I think that’s really cool.

Here is a shot of it under the sun. The gold and red sparkles look super gorgeous, almost like a “BLING” effect. And the finish is extremely glossy even without a top coat.

One final look at Ahoy! before we head out sailing towards the other bottles…

Life preserver sorta reminds me of Halloween if it was all by itself. It’s not even half way past summer yet!!! I am thinking of all the sweet candy already…

Again the pigmentation is totally unbelievable. It’s that kind of polish with one coat being great and two coats get to perfect. I really love how smooth and creamy it is which makes the application a snap.

Here’s two coat withOUT top coat in direct sunlight. As you can see, the finish is mirror like and super glossy.

Compare to the polish in the bottle, the color seems a bit brighter on the nail.

Finally let’s take a look at Pelican Gray. As name suggests, this is a light gray polish. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice there are super fine shimmers in it. As far as I can tell, there’re silver, blue and possibly purple shimmers involved. Because of the blue and purple shimmers, this gray shows just a slight blue undertone.

The formula is top notch. The polish does a great job self leveling and it doesn’t leave brush marks behind. The shimmers are fine and subtle enough to make it a cream finish.

Yet in direct sunlight, the shimmers are noticeable which makes this lovely light gray unique to itself.

This is how the color looks on the nail compare to the color in the bottle. It’s almost similar if not identical.

I’m going to say these 3 polishes are great though I haven’t tested out the rest of the collection. Each shade has different finishes whether it’s sparkly, creme or cream with subtle shimmers, they’re all super smooth and apply evenly. The consistency and pigmentation are also superb. Since they are a bit thicker than average, you can just go with one coat and it’ll still give you that perfect coverage. But two coats will definitely yield a more intense look. I also love their glossy finish and long lasting. I’ve had these on for a week only with minor tip wear. Besides, being a spring collection, I find them appropriate for  all year round. Well done, China Glaze!

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4 Responses to China Glaze Anchors Away Collection Ahoy, Life Preserver, Pelican Gray Swatch and Review

  1. Beauty Addict May 18, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    I’ve purchased the grey one, it’s stunning! I wish I could buy the whole collection, but my local Sally Beauty doesn’t have many options in stock… 🙁

    • admin May 19, 2011 at 10:17 AM

      Try they have it in stock.

  2. Nani May 18, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I WANNA GET PELICAN GREY SOOOOOOO BADLY!!! *yells in caps lock* lol. It’s so damn pretty!! *_* -faints-

  3. Nic nic May 18, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    wow the colours and pigmentation look awesome! I wish China glaze were more readily available in jp!


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