Christian Dior Collection Privée Grand Bal

Fragrance comes in all sorts of scents and characteristics. Some are extremely woody while others can be fresh and clean or floral. If a fragrance can exemplify the most beautiful gown with its radiance and composition, La Collection Privée Grand Bal would be the one. With the fragrance and a Carnet de Maquillage, you would be all set for an actual Ball.

The bottle design is just like Milly-La-Foret. It comes in a cylindrical clear polished heavy glass topped off with a glossy black cap. Enclosed, the fragrance is of a honey amber color that stands out to resemble a bottle of light cognac. Despite the delightful color, the fragrance itself evokes pure bliss in a complex form of scents that bring out Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Essence, and Orange Blossom.

The scent is very elegant, one that doesn’t snap the nose with over intoxication. Instead, a few spritz gives a warm bubbly charmingness to it.

LA COLLECTION PRIVEE Christian Dior Grand Bal

Dior Grand Bal is long lasting and doesn’t fade away that easy. Luckily, it is extremely pleasant and very cheering in an up spirit mood. Instead of talking about the ins and outs of Grand Bal, let me share a story with you. So recently, while I was spraying the fragrance, the hubs decided to steal it for a sniff or two. What ended up happening was, he sprayed it around his neck. He put on his suit and dress shirt and walked out to work. By the time he came home (10-12 hours later), he said he could still smell the wonderful scent. Anyways, he changed his clothes and threw the dress shirt in the laundry bin. 5 days later, after washing the dress shirt and drying it on the rack, he caught a whiff of a rather familiar scent. It was Grand Bal! Although much subtler than before it was still around the collar of the dress shirt. Not only the scent lingered, it made every one of his dress shirts smell nice.

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