Christian Dior Cristal Boreal – Crystal Gloss Jewel

This is my 2nd Dior Christmas item. The first one was last year’s Night Diamond face powder. The company made 2 variations but we only had beige in the US market. The same thing happened this year again. We got the #251 Pink Crystal but not the #001 Pure Crystal. I wonder why Asian markets always have more selections than us.

At first I was hesitated to get it because of its hefty price tag, retailing $80 plus tax. But the more I step across the counter and see pictures of other bloggers, the more I want it. After knowing it was sold out at Nordies and Bloomingdales, I finally found it on Nieman Marcus online!! What a surprise! So I ordered it right away.

Several days later it came, in a sealed black box. Inside the box, there’s another faux leather box which looks like a jewelry box. Dior always makes their seasonal star items very nicely packaged. There’s even a little piece of paper telling the background of it.

It says:
Cristal Boreal, an exceptional Star Product. For the 2009 Christmas Look, Christian Dior parfums has collaborated for the very first time with Swaarovski to create a Star Product using the legendary Aurore Boreale crystal: “Cristal Boreal”. An ultra-luxurious pendant, Cristal Boreal is adorned with 52 CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements stones of which 4 are Aurore Boreale. A true make-up jewel, Cristal Boreal, contains a crystal-effect gloss for precious iridescent lips.

Like always, Dior makes their star items very fancy especially this time. The pendant looks more like a jewelry instead of a lipgloss. The picture only shows maybe 10% of how shiny it is. I don’t think I will use the gloss ever because the thing is simply too beautiful to be used. I did swatch it at the counter though. It should be very sheer with multi-colored shimmers. So it shouldn’t make a big difference whether it’s pink or white. After all, this item will be cherished in my makeup collection deeply. I score it 5+.

P.S. One interesting thing I found out when I was searching for the jewel in store. Macys, Sephora even Saks didn’t even get it this year. They have every other holiday items except for this one. Even their promotion poster looked exactly like the one below but without the pendant. How funny is that? Is it because of the rareness of the crystals or bad sales from last year so Dior only made very limited items this year? If you want this piece of jewel, you better get it when you can because I know that it’s already out of stock for most stores.

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