Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Swatches Review

Recently, Ciate came out with mini manis which are adorable and gorgeous. You might have spotted it a few days ago in the daily photos. It’s like the mini sized bottle kit, named Caviar Mini Bar, but with more value. If you haven’t seen the press yet you can check it out here.

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Manicure

This kit comes in 4 mini paint pots and 4 mini caviar pearls. They are mix and match-able for different styles and looks. As you open the box up, you will notice that there is a podium for each of them to prop up on.

The pack included:

4 x Nail Polish, Knickerbockerglory, Pom Pom, Fit for a Queen, Sand Dune
4 x Caviar Pearls, Prom Queen, Jubilee, Hologram, Candyshop

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Box

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Box Back

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar


Enjoy your nail Caviar cocktail!

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Box Top Inside

Enclosed is instructions on how to use each different caviar. Along with the instructions is a funnel and a clear collecting tray for caviar application over the nails. The tray comes in handy for saving the excess caviar pearls.

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Instructions

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Instructions Tools

I decided to take a quick before and complete application shot for you to see the differences. I have all my nails except ring finger painted with Pom Pom and caviar Jubilee applied already. On my ring finger though, instead of simply going for a contrasting color Fit for a Queen, I decided to paint it over Pom Pom to give it a show through effect.

Ciate Nail Polish Fit for a Queen

Before the nail dries, I sprinkled Hologram on top.

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Pom Pom Jubilee Fit for a Queen Hologram

Cleaning up couldn’t be easier. With the black funnel that comes with the kit, it makes pouring back the excess amount of caviar from the tray back into the bottle a piece of cake. In the second photo you can see that it is slowly going down the funnel and into the bottle.

Ciate Caviar Pearls

Ciate Caviar Pearls in Funnel

So now you get a picture of how the caviar manicure was achieved. It may seem a lot of work but it actually isn’t as hard as it looked, and it definitely didn’t take much more time than applying your regular nail polish. Why? Let’s break down to the details. Say you apply a base coat, two polish coats and a top coat for each of your nails. When you’re waiting for the coats to dry, you have enough time to set everything ready for the caviar pearls. It takes me only 5 seconds to sprinkle the pearls on each of the nails after the second coats. Then for either the regular mani or the caviar mani, 20 minutes is necessary for the nails to dry. There should be enough time to save the pearls back into the bottle. Overall it takes about same time, maybe a little bit more, but the results is beyond comparison. Not even that, I just had so much fun just play around, collecting the pearls and touching them. I almost felt like a 5 year old doing crafts all over again.

How about durability, you asked? I did follow the tips on the instructions by applying a top coat on the nail tips. By day 5, my caviar beads are still looking good. So I’m pretty happy about that.

Ciate Caviar Nail Art

Ciate’s Caviar Mini Bar is a must have when it comes to being introduced to the brand. That means, you get everything you need from the brand only in a tad smaller sized bottles. On the flip side, the kit offers so much possibility, 4 polishes and 4 caviar pearls that you can mix and match, you can even layer one color on top of another like I did. The kit is more than a mini bar, it is indeed a cocktail with endless joy.

Ciate products are sold at at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Sephora, and Ciate.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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