Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

Prevents & corrects the appearance of cellulite

Clarins breaks the vicious cellulite cycle with the first slimming treatment that prevents and corrects cellulite at every level. Body Lift Cellulite Control traps fatty tissue, stimulates circulation and thus encourages the elimination of excess water and lipids. It slows down the multiplication of fat cells to prevent the formation of new cellulite and reduces the volume of existing fat cells so cellulite is minimized.


The Innovation

• Prevents the appearance of new cellulite – slows down the multiplication of fat cells
• Corrects existing cellulite – slows the process of storing fatty acids to reduce the appearance of cellulite
• Improves skin firmness – stimulates collagen production
• Reshapes, lifts and tones skin
• Hydrates and softens skin



Celosia Cristata and Aquatic Mint; two NEW body-refining plant extracts that target the fatty tissue to help prevent and correct cellulite.

Blue Button Flower helps to break down the protein barrier around the lipidic vacuole allowing fat-releasing enzymes to come into contact with triglycerides. Helps to correct the appearance of existing and stubborn cellulite.

Baccharis stimulates collagen production to firm and tone. Helps to inhibit inactive, non fat-storing pre-adipocytes from turning into
“active” adipocytes, thereby preventing fatty tissue from expanding which results in cellulite.



For best results apply using the Clarins Self-Massage Body Contouring Method.



Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control will be available March, 2013 at Clarins counters nationwide and at $68.00

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