Clarins Holiday 2012 Odyssey Collection Swatches Review

Golden colors with the mission of illuminating and spinning natural enhanced beauty looks are what Clarins has in mind for us. This holiday, Clarins brings out the Odyssey Collection, a collection that I have interpreted as the actual poem from Homer, “Odyssey.” The colors in this collection can be seen on a woman looking as gorgeous as Odysseus’s wife Penelope. To read a bit about the Odyssey it is available at Wikipedia.

Clarins Odyssey Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

Let’s start with the Odyssey Face Palette. Without the palette providing an overall enhanced face look, there wouldn’t be a perfected glowing holiday look. The palette comes in a golden case with scroll like pearly detailing on the outside.

When opened, the image captured from the actual powder is a beauty. A beauty that has an ancient Greek mythology like design. Something you would probably find in Aphrodite’s court, maybe even Athena’s too. But anyways, the golden like detailing with a nude color background is actually a very silky-smooth lightweight powder. It clings and adapts to any skin tone. Not to mention the ultra fine texture. The gold overspray does wear off after initial use, but still it’s as beautiful as is.

Next up is a brand new Eye Quartet Mineral Palette. The palette can be seen in again bright golden colors. The image below is taken purposely to show you the wonderful drawing / design on the top of the palette. Don’t worry the actual palette isn’t taupe or brownish color.

When opened, you can notice the colors are quite earthy. including colors of bronze, beige, and taupe. The last one in the top right color is a golden bronze highlighter. There is actually a few ways to wear this palette. You can blend the colors together or layer them for a warm glowing eye look. The highlighter can also be used wet for a sparkly eye look.

Here are the swatches. The far left is the face palette whereas the right 4 are from the eye palette. You might notice that the colors are quite bright and shiny for the eye palette. But that isn’t all, the colors are well pigmented and easily applied. The formula is glide-able and blendable across the skin.

What is a look without the lips looking its best. How about sugary sweet taste like Chocolate? This lip gloss might not turn your lips into Chocolate (hence the name of it being Chocolate), but it can make your lips look smoother and fuller. This is all because of the Suprashine Colour complex, delivering intense glossy color.

01 – Chocolate

Before I show you the swatch on Chocolate, let’s take a quick look at the last item of the collection, Intense Definition Mascara in Intense Black. Not only does the mascara protects, restructures, and reinforces lashes, it also coats them while restoring shine and body to them. This mascara comes in the patented dual tip brush. For those of you that don’t know about this type of brush is, it can be seen on the photo below. The mascara wand contains 2 sections of brush bristles, which can reach the hardest to reach part and define every lash effortlessly, making them longer and fuller.

Here is both the swatches for the gloss and mascara. As the name suggests, Chocolate is a rich warm reddish brown color. It’s quite hydrating on the lips without being too thick or sticky. It adds a glossy finish to the lips, making them look more plumped and healthy. The mascara is also a winner especially for people with sparse lashes. It does not clump, nor does it smudge. Once it dries, it stays. Because the thin tip gets every lash evenly covered from corner to corner, even my lower lashes are well defined. It helps my eyes look bigger too.

Clarin’s Odyssey Collection indeed brings a classic Greek Goddess look that is gorgeously defined, exhibiting natural beauty while at the same time showing off a few details. Each product comes packed with high quality formulation and is easy to use. Color wise, they’re both festive and daily wear appropriate.

Clarin’s Odyssey Collection is available at Clarins and Bloomingdales.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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