Clarins Introducing Shaping Facial Lift Serum

Lipo-Drain Serum

Clarins introduces a revolutionary serum based on the principles of lymphatic drainage to achieve a perfectly contoured face. A top selling serum in Asia, Clarins brings Shaping Facial Lift to American women for the first time this fall. In just four weeks, see a slimmer profile and perfectly defined features.

This serum defines facial contours, drains fluid to lessen puffiness and reduces excess fat by targeting the five fatty pockets of the face — two in the cheeks, two under the jaw and one under the chin. Build up of fluid in these pockets causes the appearance of a double chin and heavy jowls.

Applying Shaping Facial Lift Serum with Clarins exclusive ‘Manual Auto Lifting Method’ is akin to a lymphatic drainage massage at home. Targeting pressure points in the face with the weight of the head releases the toxins and fluids built up in the face creating a slimmer, more refined profile. This proprietary technique enhances the effectiveness of the product when applied daily.

Exclusive Power Plant Extracts

Baccharin – Slows the formation of fatty deposits.

Horse Chestnut – Activates blood and lymphatic circulation to drain excess fluids and reduce puffiness.

Blue Button Flower – Stimulates the reduction of trapped fat to help refine and reshape features.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift will be available at select Clarins counters starting in August 2012 and on

Price: $70