Clarins Spring 2013 Rouge Eclat Collection Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Iris Blossom Swatch Review

Bright red colored box can only mean that Clarins is the feature today. Its mineral eye palette and magnificent colors from this Spring’s Rouge Eclat Collection is sure to win you over especially the colors being something different than most makeup brands. Let’s welcome Iris Blossom!

Clarins Spring 2013 Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Collector Edition

On the back of the box we show a diagram of how the colors can be used and what each of them are for. As you can see colors 1 and 2 are used to serve as a base whereas 3 is a liner for intensity and 4 for illumination. Each of the shadows serves themselves quite well for an overall complex and deep look vs a single color.

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Box 10 Iris Blossom

Here is a quick show at the contents included. The palette (obviously) and a manual for the looks. Take note that the instructions are double sided for two gorgeous looks.

The palette also holds a secret, longer wear time because of the pigments being mineral based. Also, wet and dry combination can be achieved with one single palette.

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Case

For this season, the palette comes in an artwork that has an embossed flower. Not just any flower, an Iris. Each color has its own values as shown on the back of the box picture above. The colors are rather darker and not as bright but nonetheless it strikes a more mature and elegant look compared to pop colors. There are two sponges that come with the shadows for use, one rounded tip and one pointed tip.

The colors for the base show up as a taupe shade with green highlights and an Iris plum. For the intensifier (liner) the color sparks an immense black. Lastly, for illumination, a lustrous pearly white is presented on top right.

Clarins Rouge Eclat Collection Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Iris Blossom

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette 10 Iris Blossom

Clarins Spring 2013 Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Iris Blossom

Below is the swatch of each color going from #1 to #4. The shadows are easy to apply on and blend smoothly on the skin. Pigmentation is wonderful due to the mineral nature of the pigments. Shimmers fill all colors except for the lower left liner though each shade feature a different finish. The taupe is a beautiful fine satin whereas the iris plum is somewhat duochrome with sparse shimmer. The iridescent pearly white is very highlighting and bright. Finally the black liner may seem matte at first, but when you take a closer look you’ll notice the tiny silver pearls hidden inside which give the color much dimension and dynamic lift. And boy these shadows are indeed long lasting especially when applied wet. They stayed on my lids for a good 12 hours without fading and colors were as fresh as new.

Clarins Spring 2013 Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Iris Blossom Swatch

The palette is gorgeous as always from inside out. Both the interior and exterior are truly Clarins with unique details. Besides the all rouge packaging and Iris flower design, the colors are fresh and delightful for the Spring. They seem to have a lingering for the Holidays, though the look can be subtle or intense with endless possibility. Either way they look soft and smooth without being drastic. This palette and its colors is a smooth transition from Winter to Spring with a romantic touch.

Clarins is blossoming at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Clarinsusa.

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