CND Effects Lavender Pearl, Ice Blue Shimmer, Jade Sparkle Swatch and Review

When we pass by people we sometimes get caught up by what they wear but sometimes it might just grind down to the details like accessories and nail polish. It used to be colors like red, pink and beige. Mind you, if a man were to sport a crazy nail polish we might wonder hmm… But mankind has evolved so far beyond that it might not be all that crazy anymore.

Manicure has become so sophisticated now that it’s not just a simple color. We’re given the freedom to add additional layers that give you a bling bling or even a WOW effect. This really shows how mankind has evolved from being fashion to becoming super fashion! CND being the perfect fashion-forward brand came out with the word, “EFFECTS”, giving a different approach and look to what we might see that enhance what is already given on a stock nail polish.

There’re 15 dazzling Effects in sheer hues of three textures – Pearl, Shimmer and Sparkle, to accessorize polish or wear alone. Today I’ll be showing you 3 Effects polishes each from a different texture, #552 Lavender Pearl, #555 Ice Blue Shimmer and #562 Jade Sparkle. These are $11 each, a bit more expensive than the regular CND polish ($9).

Lavender Pearl is a sheer-mother-of pearl kind of polish that changes colors according to different angles reflecting light spectrum. It’s super creamy but goes on sheer.

It may not look lavender at all in the bottle, when applied on the nail it gives an interesting holographic effect. If you look straight down it shows lavender but somehow the sides look green. It’s really subtle yet pretty. I had it on the other day and just can’t help looking at it all day.

This is the second effects polish #555 Ice Blue Shimmer. There’re loaded with micro fine blue shimmers in the off white base. Under the light there are bright florescent reflections. Notably the formula is very even in its texture.

As you can see the effects add a cool toned blue shimmer appearance, giving a not so overly done look on the nail. The finish is going to be great for summer as it’s very refreshing like having a pop of Pepsi on the nail.

The last effects polish #562 Jade Sparkle, portrays a very golden sparkly milky way look in the bottle. Though the name is called “Jade” but it’s actually more golden and the glitters are bit chunkier than the Ice Blue Shimmer effects. Don’t get me wrong, the sparkles are still very sophisticated.

Applied over the nail polish, you can see the little gold sparkles twinkle in the sunlight and it is timeless.

Here are each swatch standing up next to each other from left to right we have Lavender Pearl, Ice Blue Shimmer, and Jade Sparkle. The bottom horizontal nail is Sophia by itself. Notice how the effects look totally different from the original. If I didn’t tell you earlier, you’d probably think I have 3 new polishes right?

The effects under the sun are even more noticeable. See the bottom of each nail (excluding the far left nail which is the stock Sophia)…

By playing around with these 3 effects polishes, I had a ton of fun. Honestly I doubt they’d make such a huge difference by just looking at the bottles at first. They all kind of look light and pale, especially the Lavender Pearl and Ice Blue Shimmer. I was a bit shocked by how they instantly transfer a polish into something totally new. It’s like magic. On top of that, you can totally mix and match them and do different layers to get it even more interesting. That’s something I’m going to experiment later today. For someone who likes to refresh your nail polish frequently or just a quick change, you should definitely pick up one or a few of these. But be careful, you might be hooked and want more just like me.

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4 Responses to CND Effects Lavender Pearl, Ice Blue Shimmer, Jade Sparkle Swatch and Review

  1. Ahleessa May 31, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    I recently got CND nail polishes and they’re such great quality products! These colors are hot. 🙂

    • admin May 31, 2011 at 9:27 PM

      which ones you got? show =)

  2. Ahleessa May 31, 2011 at 9:44 PM

    I already mentioned it on my blog… hehe~ 🙂

    • admin May 31, 2011 at 10:03 PM

      thought you got new toys. already seen those. love!


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