CND’s Shellac Flash Mob at Premiere 2011! Bravo!!!

June 2011 – On Sunday June 5, 2011, CND captivated attendees at Premiere Orlando 2011 with the first ever CND Shellac Flash Mob. Check out the video from this surprise performance and lyrics below:



Full Lyrics


AHHHHHHHH!  Help!   Someone help!!



Are you ok?



No!  I chipped my nail and I just got them done this morning!



Oh my god…girl, do you not know!?!?



What!?  Know WHAT?



Girl, I don’t know how you been livin without a little shellac in your life!


What you want

Lady, I got



What I need?



Do you know I got it?

All You ask ask them

Is for a little SHELLAC when you get there

(Back up girls: -It won’t chip a bit)

Hey lady                                                          (Not a liitle bit)

when you get’em done                                   (It won’t chip a bit)

Sister                                                               (Not a little bit)



It ain’t gonna do me wrong… while I’m workin?

(3 girls & MOEISHA “no”)

New Girl – from crowd

Ain’t gonna do you wrong while you’re cookin?

(3 girls: & MOEISHA no)



All I ask them                                      (4 girls:yes?)

Is for a little SHELLAC when I get there

(It won’t chip a bit)

Hey Lady                                            (Not a little bit)

when I get’em done (It won’t chip a bit)

Oh Yeah                                             (Not a little bit)



It ain’t gonna take long, with zero dry time!


2 Duet girls (from audience)

And your nails, girl they will shine!

So give them your fingers

And just go get’em done                    (get’em get’em get’em get’em)

Yeah lady                                            (get’em get’em get’em get’em)

Go and get’em done               (It won’t chip a bit)

Yeah                                                    (Not a little bit)


–      JACK – “Stop, Stop everything!  You ladies can’t do this here!”

–      MOEISHA “Oh No?” shows them her shellac nails with a sexy look

–      Security Guards  “Oooooo”

–      MOEISHA –  “Help her out boys!”


Ooo, my nails                                      (oo)

Slicker than honey                                           (oo)

And guess what?                                            (What?)

Didn’t cost much money?                   (woo)

But the Richest color that I’ve seen    (oo)

Is shinin on my nails now                                (Shellac, Shellac, Shellac, Shellac)

Yeah ladies                                                     (Shellac, Shellac, Shellac, Shellac)

Shellac it to me                                                (Shellac, It won’t chip a bit)

Last for 14 days, now                          (Not a little bit)



Painting Fingers Flawlessly


It cures With UV3




(Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me)

Goodbye Hassle,

(Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me)

Ohhhh (It won’t chip a bit)

Hello Life (Not a little bit)




Painting Fingers Flawlessly


It’s made by CND!


Oh (Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me)

A little Shellac (Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me, Shellac it to me)

Yeah, Lady (It won’t chip a bit)

A little Shellac (Not a little bit)



About CND

Founded in 1979 and based in Vista, CA. CND is the global leader in professional nail, hand, and foot beauty. Deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry, CND devotes significant time and resources to product research and development, education, and customer support. CND is an industry-leading advocate for the role of nail care in personal beauty and fashion.

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