Coffret D’or I

I’m thinking since I already started writing about Lunasol, why not show you some of my Coffret D’or as well?

Coffret D’or is another line from Kanebo Cosmetics, launched in December 2007. It replaced the company’s other brand T’estimo for point makeup and Revue for base makeup.  In French Coffret D’or means box of gold, pronounced like “kaw-fu-le daw-loo” in Japanese. Even though the line belongs to drugstore, the quality and packaging are comparable to the department store products here in the US. Unlike Lunasol, it does not have skincare products nor does it use western face models. Instead the brand features 5 Japanese beauty celebrities, Kou Shibasaki(柴咲コウ), Keiko Kitagawa(北川景子), Miki Nakatani(中谷美紀), Erika Sawajiri(沢尻エリカ), and Takako Tokiwa(常盤貴子).

When it first came out, the products seemed a little weak compared to the discontinued beloved T’estimo, but gradually it made its own mark in the cosmetics market with a wide variety selection including foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and gloss even nail polishe.

In my next post, I’ll be showing you some of my eye shadow palettes.

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