Color of the Week – Chanel Paradoxal

Paradoxal was released as part of Chanel 2010 Fall makeup collection in early July. When I first saw the ads photo I was truly amazed by the beautiful purple swirl of shimmer. But at the time I saw the bottle in real life, I was a bit disappointed as it’s a lot less vibrant than it looks in the photo. I hesitated and waited several times until I finally made the move.

The color is very hard to describe. It looks grey in the bottle but brown-ish on the nail. At one angle it’s got taupe tone but at another angle it shows violet shimmer. Let’s put it this way, it’s like a combination of Particuliere and Vendetta.

Under natural lighting

At a specific angle in the sunlight

The polish itself has a thicker and creamier texture than most of Chanel polishes. The coverage is also a lot better than other Chanel dark polishes, for example Blue Satin. This photo shows how pigmented with one coat.

With only two coats, the color turns completely opaque. It also shows more purple than grey.

Comparing to the color in the bottle, the color on the nail is richer and deeper.

Paradoxal is one of the hardest to photograph color. It looks quite different depending on the angle and the lighting.

The subtle purple sparkle is only notable in direct sunlight.

The color also looks different on the nail at different angle and lighting.

I tried to compare Paradoxal (R) to Dior’s Silver Purple (L). As you can see Silver Purple is more grey than Paradoxal and has a lot of silver shimmer. But Paradoxal is a lot glossier than Silver Purple.

Overall this is a very unique and mysterious color. Its true beauty can only be found when you put it on. Though $23 price tag is hefty, it’s well worth every penny since finding a dupe is nearly impossible.

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  1. Georgina August 3, 2010 at 2:35 AM

    i got this last weekend babe! i have yet to try it. very niiiiice! 🙂


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