Color of the Week – Coffret D’or Blue and Green

After reading the magazines I mentioned in my earlier post, my heart’s itching to make something different from the regular single nail color. But I wasn’t able to make it fancy since I promised my daughter that we would go to the PetMart today.

I used 2 Coffret D’or nail polishes, BG-04 and BU-28, some nail stickers and crystals and a pair of tweezer.

The left one is the BU-28 which is a deep sky blue color with fine silver and blue glitters in it. The right one is the BG-04 which is a bright turquoise green with larger multi glitters in it. They look pretty in the bottle.

Step 1, I used the BG-04 to paint the bottom half of the nail. The color is really sheer and the green color is almost invisible. I wouldn’t recommend this color to be used alone.

Step 2, I painted the upper half with BU-28. This color shows up way better than the green one. Both are fast drying.

Step 3, put on some nail crystals when the polish is almost dry. This way you can hide the imperfections of the edge.

Step 4, add the nail stickers for more fun.

And that’s it. I did this in a total time of 5 minutes.

I changed my mind by putting a blue sticker on top of the white one on the left bottom because it didn’t show up on the sheer green polish.

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