Completely Bare Hair Removal Experts for Perfectly Bare Skin on Valentine’s

So Valentines is pretty much right around the corner. For last minute things, it isn’t all about just makeup that appeals for the special someone. Having flawlessly perfect bare skin is a must yet often neglected. You don’t want the special someone to feel a tad turned off now?

Waxing might be just the right remedy for super hair removal especially right before meeting your boyfriend or husband. The brand Completely Bare has you covered for what you need from strips to wax. It kind of smells great too especially the sweet strawberry scent.

Completely Bare Hair Removal Experts

Completely Bare being salon quality makes one of the best hair removal products. Did I mention Salon Quality? Of course I did! Let’s start by taking a quick look at the Bikini & Body Wax Kit. It comes with the entire army of things you need right out of the box. Applicator sticks, towelettes, wax, and everything you can think of. This kit brings a cleaned out smooth professional finish after use. Catch? It doesn’t hurt as much as other brands! Real gentle. The strawberry scent goes well with champagne but I doubt you would want to pop open a bottle while waxing. Kinda weird. Completely Bare Salon Quality Bikini & Body Wax Kit

Completely Bare Salon Quality Bikini & Body Wax Kit Content

Completely Bare Ouch Less Strip Wax

For the quick and fast way of waxing, the strips is what I will be showing you next. There is enough strips with different sizes for the face, body, and legs. One thing I found interesting is, it says this can be used on the man’s back and chest. It’s interesting to find out but I will end it at that…

Completely Bare Hypo-Allergnic Wax Strips Face Bikini Body

Completely Bare Hypo-Allergnic Wax Strips

Completely Bare Hypo-Allergnic Wax Strips Content


Completely Bare makes waxing so much easier. Not to mention the lesser ouch factor and less painful too. Waxing comes in all shapes and formats but Completely Bare’s approach to a quick strip or two and a complete strawberry wax is something that is more enjoyable than most. So after waxing you can bare a lot more on those hotter nights starting with Valentines.

Completely Bare is available at CVS.

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