COR the Silver Soap Review

Many of us would spend hundreds of dollars on beauty tools and creams for our skin. But how many would actually spend a 100 dollar on a facial cleanser? Being the first step of flawless skin, cleansers are so much neglected. Though not all the cleansers deserve high price tag, only the ones that work wonders. A soap by the name of COR that is so powerful will blow you away with its exotic ingredients. Let’s take a look at how special it is.

COR, the Silver Soap is not your regular average soap. It has ingredients that can get straight to the root of skin problems. Each soap has Nano-Silver with Silica Compound. Why the silver? It is said that silver could actually combat bacterial agents and silica prepares the skin to accept the ingredients of Cor. If you didn’t know, COR also contains Collagen. Collagen adds youthfulness to the face and appearance. I have seen Collagen for supplements and silver in humidifiers but never saw these two together in a soap. Besides these, the soap also contains hyaluronic acid, jojoba, aloe, pomegranate extract, vitamins and avocado. Sounds good enough to eat? And the best thing is they’re all natural ingredients.

The 120g rounded COR soap comes in a smoked bronze hard plastic case. It almost looks like a display case for a baseball fan. You know those cases that hold autographed baseballs of Babe Ruth or Joe Dimaggio or something. Inside the case, the actually soap is shrink wrapped for maximum freshness.

By removing the wrap, you will notice the soap is in a rounded ball shape in a golden amber color. The smell is a metal and floral mixture, quite different from anything I’ve used in the past.

The instruction is rather simple, just add water and see it lather up. I find it works the best when using a foaming net. Just gently wet the net and rub the soap against the net for 3 to 4 times, you should be able to get enough foam for the face. Compare to many facial cleansers, COR produces the richest and densest foam, very similar to the Japanese high end cleansers. When you squeeze out the foam like the photo below, it is time to spread around the face for the perfect cleanse. Leave on for about 2 minutes then rinse off. Twice a day and that’s it!

I have been using the COR soap for a month and a half. The first time after I used the soap, I immediately noticed that my skin felt squeaky clean and there’s a whitening effect that lasted much longer than other facial cleansers. My skin did feel quite tight afterwards and some of my sensitive areas were burning. Luckily it all went away by the first week. I also tried to use it to remove foundation and it worked very well. Now after more than a month of usage, my skin has never been so clean and glowy and the pores are significantly reduced too.

COR also comes in a travel size soap in 10g which costs only $15. It’s a great way to try and fall in love with the soap. It’s also convenient and compact enough to take it on a trip.

COR soap is an excellent product that perfectly cleanses the skin and gets rid of dirt and impurities. It also has a cocktail full of ingredients to benefit the skin in the long run. Not only does the skin feel a lot more brighter in complexion, the soap also helps penetrate layers of bad things such as acne and bacterial. COR soap makes washing and cleansing the face a lot easier and the rich foam makes the cleansing a truly luxurious experience… Like an all in one!

COR, the Silver Soap is available online at

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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