Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo & Authentic Cleansing Nectar

Neiman Marcus is simply so evil. They moved up their first call sale of 40% off on the Halloween. I have been there two days in a row now and have done nothing but buy things off the rack. They are so good at attracting business. Not to mention Nordstrom also started their half yearly sale. Oh and in another week or so Bloomingdales will be having a Friends and Family too!

Anyways, having dull, gunky, oily, or dry hair is probably all not as wonderful as having normal healthy hair. There is a professional hair brand that could help you restore the shiny you always dreamed about. It’s from Davines.

Davines NaturalTech Well-Being Shampoo Authentic Cleansing Nectar

Perhaps a brand with an expertise in hair care and maintenance, Davines brings the secret home for keeping the hair clean. When I first came across the Well-Being Shampoo, I was amazed by the bottle design. It looked like medicine from ancient times. I thought I saw a large vial that kept all sorts of secrets. On the front, the image was a bit quirky but fun at the same time. The impression was like, shampoo for ducks? Of all the creatures ducks! Then I quickly realized that it is true that ducks are kinda dirty with their feathers and such. So if a duck can get its feathers cleansed so can human hair.

This shampoo is fit for all hair types while creating a soft and silky finish after use. The main ingredient to the shampoo is Echinacea Phytoceuticals, a strongly rich vitamin C geared towards heavy anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. While I used the shampoo I found the thickness to be just about right while the scent was kind of orangy or more citrus like. After use it does bring the hair towards a much more perfect touch. The hair also feels airy and bouncy.

Next, we have the Authentic Cleansing Nectar. This nectar not only cleanses hair it also cleanses the body. The texture is a lot different than the previous one because of it being oil based. Even though it is of oil based, it is also very gentle on cleansing while promoting antioxidant action and skin regeneration through Organic Carthame Oil. This shampoo makes getting rid of heavy gunk or styling products so much easier.

Each Davines shampoo has a professional appeal with incredible ingredients that cleanse the hair in a gentle way. Best of all, there are no SLES, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Silicons, Sulphates, and PEG. One thing I never got was, why would a shampoo require artificial colors? It sounds so silly! Depending on what you’re after, Davines comes in a wide variety of different ingredients for you to explore.

Davines shampoo and products can be found and purchased at Barneys New York.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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