deborah lippmann Glitter In the Air, Lara’s Theme, I know What Boys Like, Girls Just Want to Have Fun Swatch and Review

Since it’s almost my daughter’s birthday, I asked what she wanted. Guess what she pointed at?! My deborah lippmann nail polishes. The little brat sure knows what to ask for. What she ended up getting was a huge dollhouse that is taller and bigger than her. She also got an art easel on the side.

Now imagine playing with dolls in the dollhouse and applying deborah lippmann’s polish on their nails? I would say Barbie just became more luxurious. However that is not going to happen… maybe in dreams…

So deborah lippmann has all sorts of cool nail polishes, today I will be featuring 4 of them.

They are Glitter In The Air, Lara’s Theme, I know What Boys Like, and Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The polishes are really fun and unique individually. Lets get straight down to the details.

The bottle comes in at a transparent plastic case with the name sticker on top. It isn’t the regular rectangle looking bottle. The details on the bottom give it a fashionable sense and it’s also easy for holding. Not to mention the brush handle also has a curve on it so it’s like a “good grip”.

Coming in 15 ML the bottle each depicts deborah lippmann’s name in lowercase which feels that the brand itself is humble yet packs a big powerful punch because of its quality.

The back of each case shows that the nail polishes are made domestically in the USA. Every bottle comes Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate. Finally, they aren’t tested on rabbits and pigs (No animal testing)!

The formula is made with exotic components not seen in everyday nail polishes. They are Biotin and Green Tea! I guess the nail polish is also nutritious to the nails. As always, apply base coat before polishing and top coat afterwards for best results.

Here are the main ingredients that go into the compound.

Besides having a silver label on the top of the box, I found that there was a detail that is not seen on other brands. It was an inlay curve that gives easy access to opening the box.

Let’s begin with Glitter In The Air. Deborah picked this look because of Pink’s magical performance at the Grammys, where she floated in the air in a sheer bodysuit with sparkles. No… its not Deborah floating, it was Pink. Interesting enough the little rose and blue chunky sparkles float in the baby pale blue base.

Here is the nail polish’s name standing proudly.

The image shown here (from left to right) is a comparison of 1 swipe and 2 swipes. The nail polish itself is very sheer after application. Also the glitters are evenly distributed so they aren’t all sinking at the bottom. What I found interesting was the position where you want the glitters to stick can be customized. What I mean is that the glitters can be positioned where you want them to be because of the control aspect of this bottle. This nail polish really portrays what Deborah was thinking when she saw Pink’s performance.

Next up is our friendly orange bottle, Lara’s Theme. This isn’t about Lara Croft from Tomb Raider’s. It is with Lara Stone the Dutch supermodel who is seen as the face of Calvin Klein.

Lara’s Theme

Again, we have two different applications of the nail polish. As you can see this is a highly pigmented polish. You can easily get away with just one coat. Yet two coats add even more intensity.

I Know What Boys Like is our next bottle. The polish has blue and purple mashed together into one. The finish? Creamy! Deborah wanted to depict a retro yet 80s look with this bottle for playful and hip.

Here is the name on the bottom of the bottle.

The application is pretty sheer on the first coat but you can’t imagine how even it covers with the second coat. Don’t you just love the purple blue combination?!

Our final bottle today is, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The color is good for everyday wear due to its velvety coral color. It is vintage yet vivid and easy going. This is also my daughter’s favorite.

Here is the title of the bottle.

Similar to I Know What Boys Like, this is a first coat sheer second coat opaque polish. A much bolder pinkish coral looms over the second coat compared to the first to the left. It is still very wearable each day.

Laying flat symmetrically next to each other the colors are very even and not only that, the colors look very patriotic. It reminds me of America’s flag.

Here lies the nails under the sun with a glossy and smooth look.

These polishes are amazing! The colors and the ideas behind the colors are unique and creative. They’re great for summer and any occasion. The high quality ingredients and formula make the application even and smooth.I love how fast drying they are and they dry completely hard. No smear, no kidding! The bottle design is very innovative which differentiates itself from the crowd. Deborah also keeps us in mind with an easy to open casing with ergonomic design. What more could a girl ever ask for?

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. Fruity Lashes don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews. Read my full disclosure here.

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  1. Lulu May 22, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    your daughter has great taste :p happy birthday to her!

  2. Georgina May 22, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    now you’re SURE she’s your daughter! 😉

    i MUST get glitter in the air after my “no-buy”! it looks so pretty! the name is very appropriate! 😀


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