Dior 3 Couleurs Glow Luminous Graphic Eye Palette 551 Ivory Glow 651 Nude Glow Swatches and Review

So I probably never told ya, but when I first saw the 3 Couleurs palettes on display last year, I had a hard time figuring how to open it. Call me stupid but the SA at the store almost broke it too! I can clearly remember it was the 291 Smoky Navy. But once you open it via the slider format, it turns into a pop up mirror with 3 colors to play! Not to mention 2 brushes with 3 tips, so colors don’t intermix.

Part of this year’s Dior Fall 2012 Nude collection are sliders. Well 2 of them!, 551 Ivory Glow and 651 Nude Glow.

If you haven’t seen the rest of the gorgeous Dior Nude Collection, you can check out the new brushes, nail polishes, and lipsticks.

Here is a side by side look at both palettes. What we can gather from just looking at them is that Ivory Glow is a neutral toned nude palette whereas Nude Glow is a warmer toned. Both palette comes with a black eyeliner for definition at the bottom.

551 Ivory Glow sports a glowing white colors with sparkly shimmers all over.

The way the colors are designed to work is that each shadow has a different finish.

Satiny shadow with an ultra-fine slurry texture
Luminous highlighter with a glowing texture, and wet finish
black powder liner for the ultimate graphic effect

Here are two shots of the palette taken with camera flash and in direct sunlight. The highlighter shade on the top right looks quite fluffy in the pan, but it glides on super smoothly without feeling gritty. The black liner also contains subtle multi-colored shimmers for a 3 dimensional look. All of them are made with high quality and no need to worry about shadow fallout. It never connects to Dior.

The 2 color shadows are not the most pigmented, they rather enhance the lids naturally adding a glow effect. With 2 different textures, the colors don’t mix up when layered or blended. When the satiny shade looks like a second skin color on the eyes, the highlighter brightens up the overall complexion. And the black liner outlines the natural shape of the eyes to complete the look.

Next we have the warmer harmonies in 651 Nude Glow. The palette reminds me that fall is coming! Though two most loved seasons to me are Summer and Christamas. Aside from shopping and more shopping it just feels jolly during these two seasons. Colors in this palette are satiny bronze and highlighting beige with a black powder liner.

Again to showcase the sparkly nature of the shadows, a camera flash shot and a sunlight shot were taken.

Colors are much more visible in this palette than the Ivory Glow. I truly think the Ivory Glow was more for a second skin appeal vs this one. This palette gave a warmer tone with its combination of bronze and gold.

Last but not least, here is the step by step instruction as illustrated in the enclosed booklet. It has all the tricks and tips that you can utilize to create the luminous couture eyes.

Both palettes with unique textured shadows feature naturally glowing eyes. A sparkly highlighting glow is achieved by the Ivory Glow whereas a warmer toned glow is done with the Nude Glow. Depending on the effect you want these could very well compliment for an everyday look that is natural and polished.

Dior 3 Couleurs Glow Luminous Graphic Eye Palettes will be available Fall 2012 at www.Dior.com.

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