Dior Backstage Brushes Nude Foundation Brushes Review

Everyone loves Diorskin Nude foundation’s silky flawless finish, whether it is fluid or powder based. Recently Dior has come up with 4 new foundation brushes specifically designed for an even and precise application. They bring the best out of the foundations by providing a smooth, natural and glowy nude skin effect.

Each brush comes in a Dior Backstage Brush box which is shiny silver on the outside and black on the inside. The brushes also comes with a velvety pouch that correlates to the size of the brushes. To protect the bristles on the brushes, there is a frosted transparent reusable cover that slips on and off easily.

This foundation brush set contains 4 different types. There are 2 pairs where one pair is for light / full coverage fluid foundation, while the other is light / full coverage powder foundation. These brushes are designed and modeled after Raphael’s paint brushes. The concept behind Raphael’s ingenuity was because of the ability to blend water and color to perfection. The black wooden handles are smooth to the touch and easy to control.

Besides the new wooden design, the bristles / hair on the brushes have been enhanced. For the fluid texture brushes, fibers are ultra soft because of the natural fibers and greater elasticity coming from the synthetic fibers. The powder brushes are made with 100% natural hair. They are assembled by hand and never cut to reseve the highest quality.

Also note that the fluid foundation brush handles have smaller footprint at the end than the powder foundation brushes.

The first brush that I will be showing you is the full coverage powder brush. Its uniqueness from the other brushes is the flat thick shape. This shape would allow a full coverage achievement when the brush crushes the pigments and polishes the face.

Here, we have the powder brush in a lighter version. You can see that the bristles are a bit longer and fluffier with its unique round layered shape. Compare to the powder foundation in full coverage, this brush is not as dense, hence it creates a more translucent glow-y finish.

Onto the fluid foundation series, let’s begin with the full coverage foundation brush. Its difference from the full coverage powder brush above is the slanted cut on the bristles and the even shorter hair. The shape is a beveled flat top which gives this brush excellent blending capabilities with high coverage.

Last but not least is the light version of the fluid foundation brush. The shape is known as, “Langue-de-chat.” Its characteristic and design make this look like a perfect art brush. It is able to put a fine film of foundation on the skin without looking heavy.

Here is a comparison between the powder brush and the Diorshow powder brush from several years ago. Back then, the Diorshow brush had an acrylic handle with more detailed finish. Now the Dior Nude powder brush looks more professional with a modern touch. The handle is also lighter in weight. Overall, it looks just like an artist’s paint brush.

Here are a few more comparisons of the different Dior brushes. The last eye brush on the bottom is a more recent one which is still being sold on the market. The silvery metal finish looks sleek and cool. All the brushes are used regularly and cleansed with mild brush cleaner. Even with years of usage, they still look like new.

These new Dior Nude Foundation Brushes have the look of sophistication and professionalism. Its lightweight characteristic along with the new softer bristles make these the perfect brushes for natural flawless application. The quality of the brushes is unmatchable. There’s no shedding, no losing shape nor fading with wash. They’re the best investment you will ever make because they simply last forever.

Dior Nude Brushes is available online at www.Nordstrom.com and www.Dior.com.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. Cat July 13, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    The full brush for liquid reminds me of the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush. I find it actually works better for the Diorskin Nude compact foundation than their original mineral foundation brush. I’ll have to check this new one out!


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