Dior Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection Vernis 219 Safari Beige Swatch and Review

Took off my tuxedo shirt and blue tie, putting on my beige khaki shorts, I’m driving on the plain of Tanzania taking pictures of zebras and elephants. Suddenly I see something shiny in the grass. I stop my jeep and pick the thing up. It says Dior Vernis 219 Safari Beige… The color matches my khaki shorts. Ding ding ding… alarm goes off, it was a dream. But the shiny bottle remains in my palm. Maybe it isn’t a dream.

If you’ve seen the fall 2011 campaign image, you’d notice that the model’s having smokey eyes and navy blue (Tuxedo) nail polish. That look is quite intense and I absolutely love it. But some people may prefer a more toned down nail color to pair with the smokey eyes. Dior also got you covered.

219 Safari Beige. It’s a really universal gorgeous nude beige color which will be flattering for everyone.

Safari meets sunshine. Can you see the tiny sparkles? And the cap must be the shiny thing I saw in my dream.

Click the photo below to see the “secret shimmers” that only Dior can produce.

Here are the swatches in different sets of lighting and positioning. Refer to this quick swatch for 1 coat and 2 coat comparison.

Safari Beige is the most beautiful nude nail color I’ve ever seen. It matches my skin tone really well. I’m sure it’ll also work for everyone else. On top of that, the formula is fantastic. It has the right consistency that’s easy to work with. The color is highly pigmented, you can even pull it off with just one coat. The coverage is even and flawless. There is no brush marks or whatsoever. The finish is quite glossy as well. Love!

The rest of the images are in different sunlight.

This is the final sun swatch which you can see the fine shimmers better. They’re so subtle.

This fall Dior really brings us a nail polish that’ll get a lot of wear for everyday and every occasion. Hence *WORK!* It’s a nice summer to fall transition color. It is very elegant and brings a humble approach as oppose to tuxedo bringing a bolder look. For the ones that love nude beige nail color, you’ll love Safari Beige.

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  1. Miss Bad July 4, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I’m in love with this nail colour !Have you knowledge of a dupe of this nailpolish?


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