Dior Holiday 2012 Celebration Collection Eye Palette and Lip Palette

Year after year, we see variations of compacts that specialize in eye and lips. There are so many out there but without a real specialty. That means, the palettes are either an all-in-one that includes a little bit of everything or it’s an incomplete palette that you still need to reach out for additional items. This year there are 2 new stars in town from Dior that have everything you really need specially for the eye and lip area.

Aside from the Manicure Essentials Set, there are 2 other palettes that are worth mentioning. It is the Celebration Collection Eye and Lip Palette.

Dior Holiday 2012 Celebration Collection

Each palette comes with an open case photo shot on one side with a silvery backdrop with description on the others. These actually make excellent gifts for friends and family, as well as personal collection.

Let’s begin with Eye Palette Compact. Inside the carton is a velvet cannage designed pouch. Except this time it is folded over with an elastic band on the back to ensure the palette has extra protection. But on the flip side, it sorta looks like a purse to a certain effect!

Inside you will find the DIOR New Look Mascara 090 Black fitting quite snugly ready for use.

The palette itself comes in a much larger size that is because you have more value all jam packed into one. It’s like getting everything you need in an one stop shop. This year’s design though is in a rather traditional Dior compact vs last year’s modern look palette.

Inside you will find that the colors itself are quite neutral, earthy, and low-key. The colors are simple but with elegance. There are two brushes that are double sided for applying, blending, and layering. But that isn’t all, there is also a pencil eyeliner, a brow liner along with a slanted liner brush.

The colors in the palette are most versatile as they are easy to use. Each shadow including the primer comes instilled with serum. It is sort of like having an eye treatment with the power of makeup in one, two-in-One to be exact! But anyways going back to the colors, you can layer colors on top of each other for a more sophisticated look and finish it with a glow or simply just shadowy.

The brow color is in a slightly harder texture than the shadows, which makes controlling intensity much easier. The color can be light or dark depending on how much product you apply. As you can see the swatch (shown second to the left) shows slightly lighter in color on top and darker on the bottom. This makes the brow liner suitable to many brow colors.

The 3 shadows range from matte, to shiny, and finally glow. They can be worn solo, duo or even layered for a dimensional look. The quality is also quite standard for Dior shadow, smooth, pigmented and even.

The brown eyeliner (#777) is the perfect completion for the entire eye look. The swatches are on the far right with thin line and thick line respectively.

Next is the lip palette. It has the same housing as the eye shadow palette, except without the mini mascara. That is because it comes in uniformed packaging. Compared to last year’s lip palette, there is a lot more detailing and a lot more value too. Just like the added eyeliner from the palette shown a minute ago, there is a lip liner in this as well. The palette comes packed with lip balm (Creme de Rose), lip plumper (Lip Maximizer 001 Pink), 3 different lipstick colors, and more.

The list of the 3 Rouge Dior lipsticks are:

  • Mitzah Lilac 264
  • Pink Songe 365
  • Star Fuchsia 766

If you look closely at the palette now without the plastic legend / cover, you will notice that the lip colors are also designed with the signature cannage insignia. Besides the transparent lip balm and lip plumper, 3 lipstick colors range from a light nude all the way to a fuchsia red. The variety is just super.

Here are the swatches! The feeling from each of the areas on the palette is with hydration and very moisturizing to the lips. I haven’t felt any problems with dryness. Colors are probably not the most long lasting, you might have to reapply after 3-4 hours depending on situation. Though reapplying the same color might be boring so the mix of colors from this palette comes in handy.

Mine lipliner pencil #773 is a bold fuchsia that outlines the natural lip shape for a more defined look. The soft easy to apply texture is quite lovely.

Looking at a blast from the past, the multi-look makeup palette from last year was like a Jack or Jill of all trades. It came with everything you could wish for when going on the plane, traveling, or cruising. If scuba diving was also in the picture, it would work too! However, the combination and specialty wasn’t addressed which is something that wasn’t a focus at the time. This year though, because of the expanded lip and eyeshadow palette, there is a lot more fun having them around. Color combination and improved formula proved to be an enhancement. Plus, the wearability, possibility and versatility really make these two palettes must-haves for any makeup bag.

Dior Holiday 2012 Celebration Collection Eyeshadow and Lip Specialty Palette are available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, as well as Dior counters.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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