Dior J’adore & Miss Dior Purse Sprays Holiday 2012

If taking a pop of lipstick and putting it in your purse doesn’t seem exciting to you anymore, how about a purse spray? Purse sprays that are compact, lightweight, and stylish that instantly turn an ordinary girl into a graceful lady. We currently don’t mean the small sized bottles of fragrances but rather something even smaller, just a tad bigger than a lipstick. Being two of Dior’s most popular perfumes, J’adore and Miss Dior are available in a to go bottle size that sports the iconic fashion house’s look and design this Holiday. Slip it secretly into any handbag and clutch, you’ll smell your best the whole party night. Simple as that? Let’s take a look at the rest. Miss Dior J'adore Purse Parfume Sprays So starting off with Miss Dior, it comes in pretty much the same box design as the bottled parfum, innocent pink with highlighting edges and letters. For both sprays in the post, there is a total of 2 20 ml refills along with a pre-filled 20ml for immediate use. Each refill comes in its own seal cap. What you do after finishing the initial 20 ml bottle is to remove the cap on the refill and pop it into the body of the purse spray. With merely a 5 second exchange, now you’re all set and ready to go. notes of Miss Dior: Italian Mandarin essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Indonesian Patchouli essence Here is a detailed look at the dark navy body with shiny silver Dior cannage design separating the body and the twist mechanism to display the spray. When you’re ready, simple turn the bottom counter clockwise, the push button on top should reveal. Then here is the J’adore Purse Spray which also comes in a box that sports the same look and design as the original J’adore bottles. Inside the box, much similar to the Miss Dior, there are two 20ml refills and a 20 ml built-in spray. The only difference between J’adore and Miss Dior in terms of design is the metal accent for J’adore is gold vs silver for Miss Dior. notes of J’adore: Ylang-ylang, Damascena Rose and Jasmine Sambac Now I know you’re already eager to play with this little beauty gadget, don’t forget to check the instructions on how to operate such a fine piece.

Having purse sprays that look so sophisticated and timelessly classy but also with a twist of chic makes bringing these out so much more wonderful. That means, when the scent of either perfume has worn out, you could whip out this elegant purse spray in no time to reapply instantaneously as if the bottle was right in your hands.

Miss Dior ($87) & J’adore ($87) Purse Sprays will be available soon this Holiday season at Dior. Refills (three 20ml tubes) are also available at $82.

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4 Responses to Dior J’adore & Miss Dior Purse Sprays Holiday 2012

  1. Sunny September 26, 2012 at 2:06 AM

    Ahh would you just look at these! I have a travolo filled with Miss Dior, but the purse spray is SO much more adorable!

    • Fruity Lashes September 30, 2012 at 3:02 AM

      Dior never stops to amaze… I know there are other good stuff coming out soon. 🙂

  2. Lily (@ChloeAsh) September 26, 2012 at 2:08 AM

    This is convenient! I got myself 2 Travalos just so I could put the little bullets of perfume in my handbag, and spray whenever I wanted 😉

    • Fruity Lashes September 30, 2012 at 3:01 AM

      These are really convenient like you said. I can apply these on the go anytime.


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