Dior Les Rouges Collection 837 Gruau Swatches and Review

Even though “Les Rouges” means red in French, to Dior it is all about creating unique colors that are in the family. We featured the first of the three reds in yesterday’s review 747 Trafalgar. Today we have yet another magnificent Le Rouge Vernis.

The second installment in the collection is 837 Gruau. On Dior’s website it has a nice description of what was behind the creation of this polish, A flamboyant and seductive shade, a tribute to the “powerful red” forever immortalized in Rene Gruau’s illustration of the 1947 “Ispahan” dress.

This color comes in a darker shade of red with a lot of emotions almost like blood red.

837 Gruau! with René Gruau’s signature on it.

With its unique way of expressing red, Dior once again has put shimmers and sparkles inside the polish mixed in a way to exemplify pure effects other than the red color itself.

Here is an up close shot which the shimmers and shines can be seen much easier. Compared to Trafalgar, it apparently has more shimmers but still can be categorized as subtle.

The one coat and two coat application on a false nail are pictured below. With one coat (left) the color is a much brighter red whereas with two coats the nail suddenly becomes intensely dark and rich. The transformation is almost like in a movie scene where a vampire is drinking blood in a balloon glass. The high gloss and shininess bring out the best in Dior for its formula and pigmentation.

Here are two pictures with indoor natural lighting at slightly different angles. Notice how glossy the finish is.

In the next two pictures we can see the nail polish and how well it does under direct sunlight. In the sun, the nails show the specks of shimmer dust and sparkles. Compared to Trafalgar again, the shimmers are a lot more visible.

With a more intense flavor of red as oppose to Trafalgar, Dior gives us yet another reason to try out the Les Rouges Collection. Gruau gives a very dark love feeling towards the color because of it resembling blood so much that it’s almost like guilty pleasure. The shimmers and sparkles give an added extra special effects when sporting this color on the road. Are you in love yet?

Rouges Collection 747 Trafalgar Swatches and Review


p.s. some more teaser pictures for the upcoming posts.

Here is some snap shots of Dior Palette De Maquillage and the nail polish colors 253 Dauphine Pink and 671 Graphic Berry.

The Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear Makeup Palette (Palette de Maquillage) is a Nordstrom’s exclusive celebrating Nordstrom’s anniversary.

Here is the back of the box giving us a preview of what is in store for us.

Here is a quick shot of how the inside looks.

Finally, here are both nail polishes side by side Dauphine Pink (Left) and Graphic Berry (Right).

Stay Tuned…….

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  1. Popblush July 17, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    I love That true red polish shade~
    Cant wait to see swatches of that makeup palette!


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