Dior Nail Lacquer 219 Safari Beige 908 Tuxedo Quick Swatch

The two new nail polishes I will be featuring today for quick swatch are 219 Beige Safari Safari Beige and 908 Tuxedo. Both are part of the Fall collection. The word “Tuxedo”  normally associates with color black since most tuxedos are black. Why did they make the polish Tuxedo blue? It reminds me of “Tuxedo Sam,” a character plush that is a fat penguin that has a white and blue body instead of a traditional black and white puffy penguin.

The bottles in the sun look tremendously shiny and the colors seem unique for a combo.

Let’s start off with Beige Safari Safari Beige. You may think it’s sheer due to lighter color in nature, but I was amazed by how pigmented it turned out to be. It has full coverage with just one coat (left) and of course you’ll get more intense look with two coats (right).

The same goes with Tuxedo except that the color is so dark, you’d almost think it’s black. The photo below shows one coat (left) and two coats (right).

Beige and Blue are such a dynamic combo. The color scheme seems like a design for an individual wearing dark blue sports coat with a beige khaki pants going out to an informal party.

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