Dior Makeup Purple Revolution Collection and Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques Swatches and Review

Earlier in the year, there were words about Dior’s latest nail creation Les Violets Hypnotiques Collection. The vernis trio was all about violets and purples. As gorgeous as they are, the collection wasn’t available in the US at that time. Luckily, they will be widely available at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale event as part of the Purple Revolution Collection.

With a total of 6 pieces in the collection, let’s start off with the 3 couleurs smoky eyes palette. It comes in a slider design mirror flipper vanity case. The actual product consists 3 shadows and 2 brushes (1 single sided and 1 double sided).

The 3 color smoky palette featured is 961 Smoky Violet. For more information regarding the mechanism and packaging details, check out previous posts on 571 Smoky Nude, 091 Smoky Black, and 291 Smoky Navy.

The colors from the palette include the following:

Base (bottom): pale pink violet with soft sheen
Soft Smoky (top left): smoky plum with pearly shimmers
Couture Smoky (top right): bright purple with multi-colored shimmers including pink, purple, and blue

Next in the collection is the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Flash 582 Draped Lilac. It is a dusty pink lilac with silver shimmers. The color reminds me of a blast from the past, it looks quite similar to Dior Vernis Cherry Flower.

So we have the eye shadow palette and the lip gloss. But what about the lashes? Being a huge fan of Diorshow mascaras, I’m thrilled to see the new extase shade in the collection. A set of perfectly color blending lashes will instant make the eyes twinkle. That is why there is Diorshow Extase Instant Lash Plumping Mascara 871 Plum Extase in a smoky plum purple color. Its tiered brush catches even the hardest to reach lashes, giving them full length and volume.

In the next three photos, I will be showing you the swatches of the eyeshadow, lipgloss and mascara. As you might see, the eye shadow palette provides a pigmented shimmery family of violets. The contrast essentially goes from light to dark. For the lip gloss, it not only looks jelly like, it also makes lips looking plump and full. The mascara provides a deep smoky purple color. The lash treatment formula is exceptional at enhancing and repairing the lashes. The color also blends in quite well with the lashes bringing a lot of flare and highlight.

No makeup set is complete without nail polishes. In the middle of last year we saw the Les Rouges collection 862 Icône, 837 Gruau, and 747 Trafalgar. This year, we got a whole new look at how Dior could manipulate violets turning them into various desirable colors. No wonder this year, it’s called Les Violets.

The Les Violets trio includes 783 Shadow, 981 Orchid, and 996 Poison. One thing I noticed was that colors as it transitioned from left to right, shimmers went from massive amounts to less and finally lesser.

Starting off with Shadow, it is a cosmic purple color in a sea of plum, gold, and purple shimmers. With 2 coats, you see a perfect end to end coverage with full glossiness on the nails.

For Orchid, the first coat turned out to be a semi-sheer magenta. So it’s definitely not a one coater. When you apply 2 or even 3 coats, you can see a more intense opaque coverage. The color also turns into an eggplant plum. Unlike Shadow containing swirls of cosmic shimmers, Orchid and Poison are rather creme in nature. If you look closely at some angle and lighting, you might capture the hidden shimmers like the 2nd and 3rd swatch photos below, but they’re really minimal. My bottle of Orchid happens to have a tad bit more shimmer than Poison.

Last but not least is Poison. It is such a royal / regal like purple color. It comes creme with absolute gloss to it. Again the pigmentation is similar to Orchid, being semi-sheer, so at least 2 coats are required for an even coverage.

Purple being the ultimate symbol of mystery and sexy is the “king of colours.” It’s demanding and sophisticated, elegant and enchanting. The entire makeup and nail collection echoing the color purple not only bring out a twist with endless possibility, it also defines a new trend for the upcoming fall season. It’s the season of seduction with Dior Purple Revolution.

Dior Purple Revolution collection and Les Violets trio will be available soon.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

2 Responses to Dior Makeup Purple Revolution Collection and Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques Swatches and Review

  1. Kat July 2, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    I like the eyeshadow palette! I was going get the other smokey trio palettes when they first came out but ended up skipping it. This palette is so pretty though so I may end up with this one. I’ll have to check it out in person first. If it’s warm toned, I’ll have to skip it.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Claudia July 5, 2012 at 3:13 AM

    Oh my gosh, the Poison is so stunning. I’m so happy to see purple out front and center again.

    I’m counting down the days till July 11th.

    Thanks for the swatches. LOVE!


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