Dior Spring 2013 Twin Set Eyeshadow Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow Swatches Review

Aside from all the hubba bubba (not talking about the bubble gum), I have gained so much weight. Despite loving the season’s greetings and the holidays, the list goes on and on. I enjoy the food but the aftermath is quite disastrous. Especially this year… Oh all the food and sweets… Santa was extra nice and generous. OK, I will stop complaining and get on with today’s show.

Please allow me to show you a continuation of the Spring 2013 Collection for Dior along with the new upcoming Diorshow Monos.

Dior Spring 2013 Twin Set Eyeshadow Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow

So let’s continue with where we left off from the Spring 2013 collection, the Twin Sets. Showed here today is both 060 Grey Sigh and 840 Ballerina Pink.

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Spring 2013

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow

Both eyeshadow pens are double sided to create the perfect eye look. On one side it is a creamy pencil, called color stick, whereas the other is blending powder with a sponge tip. Ballerina Pink and Grey Sigh reminds me of the coordinating colors from the nail polish this season. I mean, they are sorta alike in color, one being for the eyes and the other for the nails.

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo Spring 2013

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow 060 Grey Sigh Color Stick

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow 060 Grey Sigh Blending Powder

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow 840 Ballerina Pink Color Stick

Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow 840 Ballerina Pink Blending Powder

As you might notice that when you use pencil there is a lot more straight lines and intensity. But when the powder is applied, everything is spread out like a blend. Both are shimmery and pigmented. You can play with the colors using both sides to your heart’s content. Application wise is very creamy and glides effortless. Even the powder is easy to control, there’s hardly any fallouts on the applicator. And talking about a great makeup tool for busy girls, there’re no messy brushes to clean up when you’re done.

Dior Spring 2013 Twin Set Eyeshadow Grey Sigh Ballerina Pink Swatch

Next up is the DIORSHOW Monos! These are palettes I haven’t seen for a while. If you understand what Monos are and rather pick your colors these might be the perfect things.

Dior Spring 2013 Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow


Besides the super sleek case compact, these monos also come with a velvet pouch and two sponge applicators. Don’t ask me why but the 2 applicators seem to be like a backup replacement and a primary?

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow Compact

The easiest thing is probably just look at the colors for yourself. Each colors in order is shown as:

096 Khol, 477 Camouflage, 506 Nude, 566 Panama, 623 Ribbon, and 783 Velvet. Do note, except Khol and Nude being matte, the rest four shadows are all in satin finish.

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 096 Khol

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 477 Camouflage

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 506 Nude

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 566 Panama

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 623 Ruban Ribbon

Diorshow Mono Backstage Eyeshadow 783 Velvet

The colors themself are extremely pigmented and apply beautifully on the skin. The swatch below gives you a taste of the color range and what to expect. Colors are very different than the Spring Collection but are more wearable for daily basis. All the shades are essential and must haves that you will keep coming back for more. Also if you prefer a more intense look, these shadows can be applied wet as well.

Diorshow Spring 2013 Mono Backstage Eyeshadow Khol Camouflage Nude Panama Ribbon Velvet Swatch

Dior’s Twin Sets are a sight to see. Easy to use and pigmented while being innovative for its packaging. It is quick and gets the job done. As for the Monos, they are something I missed for quite a while. I remembered having some amazing Dior monos from 5 years ago. But anyways, they are what let’s you mix and match what colors you want, what combination matters to you and more. I am assuming we will see a larger color range probably an enormous one eventually giving the option of choosing colors instead of pre filled 5 colors. Either way the quality is being superb as always.

Dior is available at Nordstrom and Dior.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

4 Responses to Dior Spring 2013 Twin Set Eyeshadow Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow Swatches Review

  1. Jenni@lifeandlensofbeauty December 29, 2012 at 1:41 AM

    the shadow pens look nice! am interested in the brown monos 🙂

    • Fruity Lashes December 29, 2012 at 1:55 AM

      They are both great and they a very different in what they can be used for. The brown mono is a great choice.

  2. Teri January 9, 2013 at 10:13 PM

    Woaw, I love the look of the new es singles! Can’t wait till they get released here but we have to wait a bit longer. The colour selection is really very tempting, haha :).

    • Fruity Lashes January 9, 2013 at 11:16 PM

      There is so much more colors than the ones I have here. It is quite large I think.


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