Dior Vernis 401 Saint Tropez Celebrating Dior’s newest Boutique

Saint-Tropez, located on French Rivera, is famous for its tourism and wealthy jet setters. I can imagine how nice it would be chill’laxing by the coastline or even shopping at Dior’s newest boutique there. Though I’ve never been there before, the brand new polish Saint-Tropez was specially created for the opening of the Dior boutique in Saint Tropez in June,  this limited edition shade of aqua blue is inspired by the fresh and crystalline waters of the glamorous Mediterranean Sea.

Freshly got this shipped to me from Las Vegas Dior Palazzo store. Upon opening the box, I was instantly hit by the citrus woody scent. Wow Fahrenheit and Aqua Fahrenheit!!! Rachelle is so sweet 😀 She totally made me day. Love her cute packaging and wrapping skill. By the way, read my Aqua Fahrenheit review here and get it on Dior.com Hubby loves it a lot.

401 Saint-Tropez. I saw the name on the website spelled as Saint Tropez but I decide to go with the Saint-Tropez for the post, since that’s what it says on the packaging.

The color of the polish is like aqua turquoise with a hint of green.

It’s really soothing and calming.

Here is a shot of it bathing in the sun.

If you pay close attention to it, you can see there’re some hidden shimmers just like a lot of Dior polishes.

Time to show you the swatches. As always, a comparison of 1 coat (left) and 2 coat (right) application shows on false nails as below. Apparently Saint-Tropez isn’t as pigmented as some richer polishes from Dior. As you can see, there’re some blind spots showing on the left side. Also the color wasn’t quite dark. But with 2 coats, it gives a perfect even coverage. The consistency was nice and easy to work with.

This is 1 coat on the nail, still blotchy looking.

2 coats in natural indoor lighting. It covers all the shy areas and instantly becomes flawless. I was quite amazed by the end result. The drying speed was fast and the finish was glossy. I’m a happy clam.

Another swatch in direct sunlight. I love how even it looks. Also love the sparse shimmers showing on middle finger. I can’t imagine how much difference it makes with just a thin second coat. But that’s Dior’s polish. It always gives you a flawless finish, no matter what.

One more shots with tilted angle. I think you can see the shimmers better in this photo. It was so hard to capture.

I tried to look for something similar so I can show you a comparison. Because Saint-Tropez is such a unique color. But I don’t think I have found one. The ones I have are either too light or too aqua. So I’m just going to show you a comparison with Nirvana (right). You get a feeling by how it looks.

Saint-Tropez is such a pretty aqua with a hint of green. It was on Dior.com for less than a day and now it’s completely sold out everywhere. I was so lucky to get a bottle. It’s like a treasure from the little aqua town. The color is rich and elegant. The formula is great and the finish is fantastic. It’s everything I want for a hot summer color.

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  1. Stephanie July 17, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    aaah how were you able to get this? can I call the store too?

    • admin July 17, 2011 at 9:34 PM

      You can call the store Steph, hope they have some left! Good Luck!!!!


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