DIORSNOW D-NA REVERSE White Reveal Night Concentrate Review

Previously, I have written about DIORSNOW whitening line and how effective it was but there was one product missing from the review. Today, I will be filling in that spot and featuring the product, DIORSNOW D-NA REVERSE White Reveal Night Concentrate.

Just like the other products from the line, DIORSNOW Night Concentrate teamed up with Icelandic Glacial Water to give you the purest and highest quality formula.

What you get is a technology called Transparency Enhancing Complex. This translates to you as a way to improve the skin towards evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture, and plumpness. Who doesn’t love to have an even colored and bright looking canvas?

The way DIORSNOW made the packaging for differentiation between day and night is a simple coloring. The night time is with a black colored bottle whereas the daytime is a silvery white bottle. They both come in a pump dispenser under the cap that you only need one or two pumps for each application.

Here is a comparison between the Day Essence and Night Concentrate. I found that after pumping a drop on the hand, the night concentrate wasn’t as thick and opaque in consistency as its counterpart. However, when it was applied on the face, you could easily tell that the Night Concentrate was a lot richer than the Day Essence. I was pondering on this for a while. But in any case, the Night Concentrate is definitely a stronger and richer version. It also feels slightly sticky at first, then after a few seconds it  will fully absorb. The Day Essence on the other hand doesn’t feel sticky at all which makes sense because it’s much easier at the day time when you’ll want to apply makeup. Though both products along with the entire Diorsnow line are quite effective. I’ve noticed the dark spots decreasing in color in just a few days. As I continue to use the products, the overall clarity and evenness on my skin are also improving.

DIORSNOW D-NA REVERSE Night Concentrate is a great night time whitening serum which works wonders for all skin types. It brightens complexion and erases dark spots while providing moisture. The lightweight formula is intensive but not irritating. It just feels luxurious on the skin with a fainted pleasant scent. For anyone that would like to have luminous even skin with less spots, you gotta try this product. If you want faster and better results, definitely consider the entire line. It has a complete range of products going from daytime to nighttime.

DIORSNOW D-NA REVERSE White Reveal Night Concentrate is available online at Sephora.com, Nordstrom and Dior counters nationwide.

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5 Responses to DIORSNOW D-NA REVERSE White Reveal Night Concentrate Review

  1. Angela April 27, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    Yey! There is also a night version of whitening.

  2. Nora April 27, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    I was always curious about this night concentrate since you did a full review on the other stuff. It seems that this is a must too.

  3. Rola April 27, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    I definitely love the Diorsnow sunscreen and I have re-purchased it many times over. I am very curious about the skincare line, I always like to use whitening or brightening skincare when the weather warms up. Thanks for the review.

  4. Luis August 28, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    Words cannot express how much this product has saved my life.

    I’ve had acne + scar ridden skin for YEARS now. I gave up sometime last year and sort of came to the conclusion that my face will always look awful and that I would have to resort to cover up (as a guy, this isn’t something i’ve been enthusiastic about). I must have purchased at least 20+ foundations since then, and have never been happy with how fake my face looked. It’s sort of amusing how I started off being self conscious about my scarring, and once I found a way to temporarily cover them up, I became self conscious about the actual cover up and whether or not people will detect it in natural lighting, indoor lighting, blah blah blah. Dealing with my complexion has become tiresome to say the least.

    Last spring, I was at the department store looking through Dior foundations/tinted moisturizers when I came across the Dior skincare lines. The DiorSnow line caught my eye (for obvious reasons) and I decided to give it a try considering that the return policy was pretty great anyway.

    I purchased the day serum (I believe the packaging was different last year, the white was more opaque). I LOVED how it felt on my face (and the smell was freaking amazing). The only problem was that after 2+ weeks, I didn’t see any improvement in my acne scarring whatsoever. Nada. Same old damn song and dance. Disappointed, I went back online (to do some research) and found some video by some chick explaining that skin/cell regeneration takes place when we sleep.

    I remembered that there was a night serum available as well, soooooo I went out and purchased the DiorSnow DNA Reverse night serum. I remember it was in a different bottle and had a dropper instead of the usual pump dispenser AND it had only like 1 oz of product. I think it was called something else too.. not a ‘concentrate’. ANYWAY, within 2 FREAKING DAYS of use… my scarring lightened up by at least 75% percent. No joke, no exaggeration. I was expecting at least 2 weeks to see a subtle visible improvement (if there was one), but this was just insane. I’m on my second bottle now (I stopped using the DiorSnow day serum and replaced it with the Capture Totale One Essential serum). My skin is in INCREDIBLE condition, and for the first time in YEARS I can go out without any coverup and look absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve had skin like this since I was, idk, 14? BEFORE acne tried to ruin my life? haha

    • Fruity August 29, 2012 at 12:55 AM

      Wow what a nice experience!


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