Essie’s Got a Brand New Bag: Introducing the Essie Fall 2011 Collection

essie’s got a brand new bag for fall 2011. The newest color collection pays homage to the glorious world of gorgeous handbags, classic sophistication and a return to ladylike glamour. Inspired by the clean lines and simple elegance of post-war styles and the colors of handbags, this collection is comprised of classic shades reinvented for modern times.

The accessories that you wear and carry say so much about who you are and who you want to be.Essie Weingarten, founder of essie cosmetics explains. “The same is true with your manicure and your nail color. The first thing a person notices when they meet you for the first time are: your shoes, your handbag and your nails.

The fall 2011 collection consists of six creamy rich shades reminiscent of autumn with complex colors that are a throwback to the fashions of the 1940’s and 1950’s. They are seductive and as de rigueur as the latest designer bags of the season.

The perfect look is in the bag when you dress up your wardrobe with colors that carry you through every fashion adventure. No matter what style bag you choose this season, don’t forget to leave room for the “IT” accessory of the moment – fabulous essie nail color!

carry on – magnetic mulberry merlot
Can a color encapsulate the spirit of an entire era? This magnetic mulberry merlot is the one. Bold, intense, romantic. Now and forever.

glamour purse – almond blush
This incomparable almond blush is a scene-stealing beauty that creates a stir wherever she goes. The girl can’t help it.

case study – rich camel beige
This shade of rich camel beige exudes Ivy League charm with a hint of sweet seduction. A case study in the very meaning of a modern classic.

power clutch – enigmatic darkest green
Nighttime is the right time. What happens when this enigmatic darkest green comes out to play? It’s just the right amount of impact after dark.

very structured – creamy burnt sienna
Get down to business with this shade of creamy burnt sienna. Add this soft tan to your agenda.

lady like – pretty, demure pink
Etiquette, posture, protocol. Did we miss anything? Oh, yes, this pretty, demure pink. It’s just the thing, you know.


essie’s fall collection will be available August 2011 in salons and beauty destinations worldwide. Visit essie website and like “essie” on Facebook.

America’s salon expert since 1981, essie cosmetics was founded in New York City by Essie Weingarten, the color obsessed authority on color. The global brand, that colors the world in over 101 countries, is the go-to nail brand for beauty professionals, industry insiders, celebrities and consumers. A leader in luxury, essie is known worldwide for its cleverly named lacquers and color collections that are offered six times a year. With over 250 nail colors and more, essie cosmetics produces safe, high-quality, on-trend beauty products. essie cosmetics is a 3 free company. Our products do not contain formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene.

Please see the final promo picture for Essie Fall 2011. (8/17/2011)

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  1. amynaree August 4, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    i’m loving all the neutrals in this collection! really want case study and very structured!


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