Express Your Summer Tips with Six Stunning Texture Coats: Nicole by OPI Texture Coat Swatch and Review

How was everyone’s weekend? It is getting hotter and hotter now. Summer is 1/3 over now… Well, over the weekend, I went out shopping for some clothes and jeans and came home very happy. More about that soon… Hope everyone had a great weekend!

OPI is known for their nail polishes and shatter have came out with a new set once again! This time it is for Nicole by OPI. The realm of Nicole by OPI has released 6 texture coats which is the counterpart as shatters in the world of OPI. It doesn’t really matter… What matters the most is the intense gratification of what is at hand. The 6 beautiful colors which can be seen is silver, black, gold, white, red, and turquoise. Each are very easy to use and combine with other polish colors.

Attached to each bottle is a small branding with a little graphic of silver over black. It even has a patent!

Flipping it over, we see instructions! How nice of OPI to give us instructions for all the newcomers.

With this set, the swatches were used aligned with Pirates of the Caribbean’s collection from OPI. For review and swatches please visit my post here .

Let’s get down to the swatch and how the completed artistic look is to be seen. Starting off with a bottle of black (NI 375).

I purposely used Skull & Glossbones for the base color with black, as it’s a dramatic contrast. Don’t worry this isn’t a jail theme where everything is simply black and white.

On the left we have Skull & Glossbones. On the opposite side we have it over a coat of Black Texture. It is seen cracked and shattered but most importantly it is ART! With Textures, it is so easy to create art without using a brush. The best thing about the Texture Coat polishes is you can create different looks by brushing the polish in different directions, for example vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or even random. Can you guess which direction I used to apply the black texture coat?

Next on our plate is a bottle of gold (NI 376). It would be nice if it were real gold. Pirates all love gold…

I paired up Gold with Planks A Lot. Both colors going hand in hand give a royal regal look.

On the west side, we have Planks A Lot, opposite to our purple color is an added Gold Texture look. This is the color that’s missing from the OPI shatter polishes and I’m really loving it. As you can see the result is so different form the black texture coat because I applied it horizontally instead of vertically on the black.

Red (NI 377) a classy color is next on our list.

Matching Mermaids Tears and Red Texture you get Summer Wonderland or rather Christmas in the summer.

The OPI Mermaid’s Tears gives a very Jade green color look and once you add the Red Texture it almost look like Santa is coming early this year. Once again red texture was applied diagonally.

Beside’s having Gold in this collection, Silver (NI 378) was created as well which gives a much more humble look.

Matching Silver is Stranger Tides. By the way, Silver is the original Pirates collection shatter color.

Stranger Tides gives a very beige and white look almost clear. The Silver Texture just enhances the opacity to a darker level but nowhere near any dramatic contrast. It was also applied diagonally but in the opposite direction.

Turquoise (NI 379) is a really pretty color it is not so eye stunning but it gives a relax feel.

I have married both Steady as She Rose with Turquoise. Sometimes every married woman needs a bit of relaxin’ especially if she has a lot of chores and work to do.

The creamy light rose color is very sheer but by adding the Turquoise Texture it’s not so bad, it’s still a very good match especially the color combination.

The last one on our list is White (NI 380).

White by itself is hard to see on the nails but with Sparrow Me The Drama the contrast can be seen since the colors on the wheel are very different.

The rose color gives out a very nice coat and simply adding the White Texture it’s like snow covering parts of a rose. It is a very warm and subtle look. Another good thing about the texture coat polishes is that they’re so forgiving. That means you’re allowed to make mistakes. I accidentally smudged this nail above the word “Nicole”. I just reapplied it with some white texture coat and you can barely tell I messed up.

These Texture Coat polishes are so easy to use. Heck, they have the same formula as the Shatter’s but because OPI is not sold everywhere, Nicole by OPI comes into play. You don’t have to get one from a professional salon anymore, Nicole by OPI are sold in many drugstores like Target. The cracks and splitting in the finished nails are exactly the same as the Shatters. It gives a very nice look and in an artistic way too. Matching each color with different colored coats are fun especially if you have a really big OPI collection. Color selection wise, OPI has 7 Shatter shades so far while Nicole by OPI Texture Coat has 6. Besides OPI has Blue and Navy shatter and Nicole by OPI has Gold, the other 5 shades are in common. We really love to see more shades from both lines.

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5 Responses to Express Your Summer Tips with Six Stunning Texture Coats: Nicole by OPI Texture Coat Swatch and Review

  1. Eden-Avalon June 27, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Wait…so are these just shatters under another name or is there a functional diference? Either way I AM into the jailhouse color scheme so I love the first combo!

  2. Nic nic June 27, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    They look so pretty! much better alternatives to black I think.. last time i had black shatter nail polish on my toenails, it left horrible stains (- partly my fault since i didnt use base but still 😛 )

  3. tiffyama June 28, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Love the “Planks A lot” w/the gold texture. Super pretty! I think that would be a perfect summer mani. ;]

    • admin June 28, 2011 at 4:07 PM

      good choice. that’s my personal pick too. the gold texture is super pretty isn’t it? <3

  4. PecyL July 2, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    The silver and red are so pretty. I want to get them!


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