Father’s Day Gift – Elemis Time for Men Skincare

Nowadays Women skincare have evolved so much. There are a ton of new stuff out all the time from different newly made / revamped cleansers to different moisturizers and lotions. But what about our counterparts? Men’s skincare has slowly but surely been introduced and made into a sort of different style ones. Sets and series have been seen on the market. Best of all, from a beauty prospective, a set of skincare for Father’s Day will help keep the dad / significant other looking young just like you! It is one way to make them buy into getting you more beauty goods if they believe in it too.

Yesterday we saw a quick Grab + Go Travel Kit from Anthony, today we will see a whole set from Elemis Time for Men.

Elemis is a luxurious brand that has a whole set of skincare that men can use. A wide variety is available so that men can choose whichever they desire or woman can choose it for them. Each bottle design is pretty simple but easy to use. The ring bands around the design and words are all in silver.

Starting off with the cleansers, Deep Cleanse Facial Wash is a thick gel like formula that can build up foam for a perfect wash. It is as soothing as it is relaxing. Right off the bat, the scent is masculine so chances are the guy will like it. The Energising Skin Scrub comes in a white pearly formula that cannot be reckoned with. The micro sized beads are so tough that they will cleanse your face in no time and get rid of all the dirty elements in zero time.

Next, we have what is known to be the aftershave stuff. Well you know, men do shave off facial hair. If you didn’t know, after shaving occurs, up to 2 layers of skin is gone. Post Shave Recovery Mask and Daily Moisture Boost would be able to help sooth the skin. The mask is suppose to be applied to the face for approx 15 minutes before rinsing to remove. It helps calm and reduce irritation from shaving. The Daily Moisture Boost helps restore the hydration of the skin and nourishes it.

Finally, S.O.S. Survivial Cream and Time Defence Wrinkle Delay are created to protect the skin. Think of them as the final step of the skincare regimen. The Survival Cream being a high performance treatment provides maximum hydration for sensitive and blemished skin. Whereas the Wrinkle Delay is packed with antioxidants and exotic oils leaving skin moisturized and soothed, and the result is less wrinkles.

A whole wide range of cleansers and moisturizers are all available from Elemis. Each product brings the perfectly groomed younger looking appearance step by step. If not for the younger appearance, it’s also good for moisturization and calming skin irritations. The whole line makes an excellent luxurious gift for Father’s Day for the beauty fanatics!

For more information pertaining to Elemis please visit www.Elemis.com.


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    Thank you so much for showing this. This site is like the only site that shows men’s skincare lines. I haven’t seen this area anywhere at all.


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