Festive Fall Decor From Bath & Body Works

Adding some festive décor to your home for fall doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money. With small accents like handsoaps, bar soaps and candles you can add a seasonal touch to your home. Below are some examples of how you can add some autumn to every room in a home.

Kitchen: Vanilla-based aromas have remained the most popular kitchen candle scent for almost a decade. Other favorites in this category include cinnamon, coffee, mocha, gingerbread, pumpkin, apple pie, brown sugar and hazelnut.

  • Slatkin & Co. Pumpkin Caramel Latte ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)- A frothy blend of creamy pumpkin, sweet vanilla cream and rich pralines topped with a spiced caramel swirl


“I love candles but almost every candle I’ve ever purchased smelled really good when I bought it but when I brought it home and lite it, doesn’t smell at all. This one is totally opposite. It smells up my whole house! I absolutely love it! The smell is wonderful and lingers forever. I had it burning the other day and a guy came to my door to ask a question and said oh my word your house smells so good, what is that smell?! I will definitely buy again! By far worth the money and the best candle I’ve ever had.”

  • Slatkin & Co. Apple Crumble ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)- Baked Granny Smith and McIntosh Apples topped with vanilla crumble, cinnamon and nutmeg


“I tried this in the mini first and @ first light i knew i was going to love this! Got the 3 wick and it’s even better!! This scent is true to name the scent throw is GREAT and while lit smells like your baking and will make you hungry you smell the fresh apple as well as spicy buttery crumble. This is a keeper for sure! If you like apple pie scents you will love this<3”

  • Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamin pumpkin Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($5.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)Soft bursts of lightweight foam gently wash away dirt and germs, while leaving skin soft and lightly scented with a spicy blend of fresh pumpkin, brown sugar and ground cinnamon.


“This is by far my favorite Fall scent. I fell in love with it last year after smelling it for the first time and I will always return to it every Fall!! You can really smell the pumpkin, without it being too overwhelming. I love it in the candle version too. You just can’t go wrong burning it all season long!! Every time I take a whiff, I dissolve into a big Fall lover puddle!!”

  • Bath & Body Works Caramel Apple Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($5.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)Soft bursts of lightweight foam gently wash away dirt and germs, while leaving skin soft and lightly scented with a mouthwatering blend of golden apple and creamy caramel.


“I absolutely love this scent! It is the perfect mix of apple, cinnamon, and caramel. My only issue would be the way the gentle foaming soap sometimes squirts out of the pump (straight out instead of down into my hand), but I still love the product :)”

  • Bath & Body Works Orchard Leaves Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($5.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)Even with frequent hand washing, our soothing moisturizers hydrate skin. Hands are left soft, germ-free and lightly scented with a fresh blend of red apple, spiced cider and cinnamon sticks.


“I really like the smell of this soap. It does indeed smell like fall leaves, and the scent stays on the hands for quite sometime after washing, I like that! The soap itself is rich and has an opalescences sheen to it- very nice- l’m pleased with it. It helps put me in the mood for spring- LOVE this season- and this soap!!”

  • Alighiero Campostrini Orange Wild Fennel Soap ($9; www.bigelowchemists.com) – Inspired by authentic Tuscan aromas, this unique collection evokes a luxe Italian escape, this is a deliciously blended Tuscan aromatic soap with notes of orange and fennel.


Bedroom: Comforting scents such as cinnamon, cloves and spices are more commonly found in bedrooms as a way to aid in relaxation and sleep.

  • Slatkin & Co. Spice ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)- A  warm, comforting blend of red hot cinnamon, warm clove and spiced orange peel


“”Spice’and I don’t get along, but WE DO NOW! I actually miss the smell of Big Reds. This is a nice little throwback. Cinnamon alone isn’t really good for me, but this is a new day! The throw is amazing. Crack a window open because this is strong!”

  • Slatkin & Co. Winter Wonderland ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)-  A sparkling blend of cool peppermint and fiery cinnamon with notes of crisp apple and creamy nutmeg


“From the name, I thought to myself “Oh, this is going to be a nice little fragrance.” I like to read the listed notes/description before I open the lid. I see cinnamon and peppermint. WOW! I thought it was going to be good or a disaster. So, I open the lid and I was surprised. I thought the fragrance was going to jump out at me, but it’s very subdued. While the candle is lit, the cinnamon and peppermint try to find a common ground. It’s a toss up, but I smell more cinnamon. The peppermint is here and there. Great burn and excellent throw. I’m happy with this fragrance.”


Living Room: This is the room where you entertain your guests. A bold, sweet scent should be used to give your guests something to talk about.

  • Slatkin & Co. Marshmallow Fireside ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com): Cuddle on the couch with the smell of toasted marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream wrapped in the aroma of rich smoldering woods.


“Hands down, one of the best scents and candles I have ever burned. The fragrance just fills my whole home. Soooo warm and inviting. I burn this in family room and the apple crumble in the kitchen and the 2 combined and fill my whole home. I love it. I hope it never goes away.”


Bathroom: This room is where you might need to mask an unpleasant scent. A strong clean scent is preferable for this room.

  • Slatkin & Co. Fresh Balsam ($19.50; www.bathandbodyworks.com)Crisp, clean balsam fir blends delightfully with fresh eucalyptus and sweet pine layered with notes of bright apple, cedarwood and musk


“Can’t get enough of this scent, I plan on purchasing some wallflowers and scented oil when those hit the stores near me 🙂 A fresh, clean fir balsam scent that instantly makes you think of winter and Christmas. Great for creating ambience during the Holiday season!”

  • Alighiero Campostrini Soaps: Gentile, Fruttato, Verdone, Primitivo ($7.50; www.bigelowchemists.com)This skin-softening antioxidant-rich bars are made with 100% olive oil. This ancient recipe uses a traditional boiled process where only pure olive oil is used throughout the soap production.

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  1. Jess November 7, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    I love Bath & Body works! They always have the cutest hand soaps and body washes.


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