Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara

High-impact eyes

Bold, voluptuous lashes cloaked at a stroke with the precision of a make-up artist. After Eyes to Kill – the made-to-measure lash sculptor and Eyes to Kill Excess – the instant volume booster – this new mascara creates a variation for a killer gaze.

Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara creates a high-definition fringe in one single sweep. The lashes are amplified and lengthened to the extreme for a sharp and intense gaze.

“Lengthens lash by lash without overloading. Pure black. A precision brush inspired by make-up artist techniques, yet extremely ease to handle.  It has everything you expect from a mascara.” Linda Cantello


An extraordinarily lengthening texture

Micro-Fil Lengthening technology for lengthened and highly defined lashes

Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara’s formula achieves the perfect balance between soft and hard micro-waxes and incredibly fine smoothing polymers.

The former define and curl the lashes; the latter smooth and coat the lash all along its length.

Extremely easy to apply, Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara cloaks each lash 360% from root to tip.


Black at its height

Thanks to its wealth of black pigments, Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara’s formula arms the lashes in a deeper than ever shade of black.

It is also available in utterly enthralling midnight blue.


A brush to stretch the lashes 

For maximum lengthening, the Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara brush adopts an asymmetric form. On its flat side the short bristles are arranged in a diagonal, with the ability to capture and cloak the lashes from the root.

Turn with the flick of the hand and there is the rounded side, with its bristles set in fan shapes, stretching each lash, coating it right to the tip.

The lash fringe is lengthened, curved and perfectly defined.  Instant extension, without overloading.


A Champagne dress code

With a bold design, the Eyes to Kill Stretching Mascara packaging is cast in Champagne-colored metal. A real sculpture.


Eyes to Kill Stretch Mascara has a suggested retail price of $30 and will be available in October online at and at Armani Fifth Avenue, as well as select fine department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Barneys.

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  1. Lauri November 2, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    I’ll have to give this mascara a try.


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