Giorgio Armani Beauty Fall 2011 Collection Jacquard

Sophisticated Jacquard motifs woven into silk fabric are the inspiration for next autumn’s make-up lines, where colour, radiance and sensuality combine in gossamer textures. The colour palette explores contrasts and the interplay of light and shade, creating a look that is both soft and intense. Satin half tones, verging on pastel –aqua green, tobacco and camel in desaturated shades with Scarlatto and deep violet. Silky glints on a floating haze of colour; this is make-up that mirrors fashion.

The eyes

Quatuor Eye Palettes ($59)

The Jacquard theme unfolds in two textured eye shadows.

At the heart of each, four nuanced shades like four separate silk threads: a central eye shadow duo, a highlighter and a deeper shade for emphasis.

The colours can be combined or blended at will. “For greater intensity they can be applied with a damp brush,” suggests Linda Cantello.

The only rule is – be as creative as you dare. The unique texture of these two eye shadows allows the wearer to play any role she chooses, in subtle and restrained make-up for the day or assuming a more sophisticated and dramatic look for the evening.

The secret lies in a unique micronisation process applied to the pigments, Color-FilTM, producing ultra fine powders: for a radiant film of vibrant colour, a soft and smooth long lasting texture, so light that colours can be blended and layered with total freedom. Pure colour, sheer perfection.

Eyes to Kill Excess ($30)

A weapon of seduction but only in a limited edition: Eyes to Kill Excess, Giorgio Armani’s cult mascara clothes the eyelashes in a swathe of deep violet.

The complexion

Powder Foundation & Blush ($56)

Like woven beams of light, dressing the face in a bespoke glow.

Two sculpting tones, an illuminator and a translucent red blush. The palette includes four shades that allow for a myriad of make-up options, to suit all complexion types.

The secret to an instant glow: blend the three nude shades and apply to the whole face, highlighting the cheek bones with a touch of blush.

The blend of these four shades on the face results in a lovely fresh complexion with a slight rosy tint. Radiance is the watchword. The powders achieve maximum radiance through Micro-Fil technology. Each shade glows in all its glory. Translucent, as fine as can be, the powders blend together perfectly, melting into the skin with no trace of artificiality. A glowing veil of silk that looks utterly natural.

Blushing Fabric ($38)

A sensational texture for the cheekbones: Blushing Fabric is unveiled in two versions, camel and Scarlatto. Two completely unexpected colours, given a natural radiant sheen by the almost imperceptible texture of this blush tube.

The lips

Rouge d’Armani ($30)

As a special limited edition, Rouge d’Armani has been re-issued in a new autumn range. Colour code: glowing nudes (beige, rose beige, or pink heightened with a touch of mauve to brighten the lips) providing a fiery contrast with the classic Scarlatto.


The Fall 2011 Collection will be available in August at and at select fine department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Barneys.

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  1. Lauri November 1, 2011 at 7:13 PM

    The face palette is really pretty and of course the lipsticks are the best. I can’t wait to see their holiday collection.


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