Giorgio Armani Beauty Introduces Designer Lift Foundation

Armani Glow
The skin cloaked in light

The same philosophy from fashion to make-up: enhance the natural. Highlight without distorting. Emphasize without exaggerating.
Light is magnified and exalted by the finest of materials.
At the heart of Giorgio Armani make-up, Micro-Fil technology creates real cosmetic weaves, translucent, ethereal veils of colour layered to create the perfect aura.
Distinctively radiant skin: the inimitable “Armani Glow”.

Designer Lift
Beyond the Glow…

Full coverage in the most feather light texture there is. Comfort, sensory delight and hold.  Designer Lift creates the perfect balance.
The Armani glow reaches its height: the skin is cloaked in a matte and luminous veil. The stretch texture, rich in active ingredients, enhances the youthfulness of the face.
Just like in couture, the difference is in the details. Designer Lift’s added extra is an unusual hint of Prussian blue pearlizer. A bold addition that brings a new freshness to the complexion.
Nothing is more difficult to achieve than apparent simplicity.  The best of Giorgio Armani technology is combined in this formula, resulting in an immediate effect.
A natural result is guaranteed and reached easily, as if it was the work of a practised make-up artist.


The skin-enhancing action of a Stretch texture

Drawing on Micro-Fil Stretch technology, Designer lift drapes the skin in a new cosmetic textile: an extremely fine extendable mesh, inspired by Stretch fabrics. Smooth and voluptuous, Designer lift gently embraces the face.
Sensory pleasure and absolute comfort, for hours… A perfect second-skin sensation.
Rich in active ingredients, the formula delivers a three-tiered effect:


A smoothing and sculpting effect, thanks to a duo of optical fillers: velvety powders – one satiny, the other matte – which play with the reflection of light to blur imperfections, intensify radiance and enhance the facial contours.

An instant lifting effect, achieved with a “liquid powder” that forms an ultra-fine toning network on the surface of the skin.

A visible firming effect, due to a rich, emollient formula that leaves the skin plumper and denser. This effect is reinforced by the presence of adenosine, which restructures the dermal matrix day after day.


Added value: high protection against photo ageing with an SPF of 20.
Result: a spectacular 12-hour rejuvenating action.


A revolution: the Blue Glow effect

The unexpected: a blue pearlizer is introduced into the Designer lift formula. A precise, finely dosed blue: Prussian blue.
For Giorgio Armani, whose colour inspiration is born on the shores of the Mediterranean, this deep, almost navy blue has become a key tone, an emblem of his collections. Found in all its glory in design details each season, it is also the secret of Armani Black: a singular black hue cut with a hint of blue for enhanced radiance.
Its inclusion may be surprising in the field of cosmetics, and yet with its perfect chromatic balance, Prussian blue is able to make whites more luminous.
An instant effect on the skin: irregularities are corrected and the skin appears smoother. The complexion is translucently illuminated, glowing with freshness, as if light were emanating from within.


A tailor-made glow

The fine art of taming light…
To amplify the complexion’s radiance, ten shades of Designer Lift have been formulated with specific pearlizers according to skin tone:

– for light tones, a blue-tinged pearlizer, which counters a yellow complexion.
– for medium shades, a touch of pink pearlizer for a real boost of freshness.
– finally, for dark hues, a gold pearlizer to brighten the complexion and accentuate its radiance.

Designer Lift blends seamlessly with any skin tone.


Designer Lift according to Linda Cantello, International Make Up Artist Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

What is so special about Designer Lift?
Linda Cantello: A featherlight, extremely fine and supple texture that allows it to illuminate the face without creating a mask effect or emphasising the slightest wrinkle… A real feat for a rejuvenating foundation. Its great strength is its imperceptibility.

Your application technique?
I always dab Designer Lift onto the T-zone (particularly the nose and the lip contour area), then I smooth it outwards across the face using its dedicated brush, the Designer Lift Brush.

What makes it a distinctively Armani formula?
When you see a woman wearing Giorgio Armani, you say to yourself that she is seductive and stylish… Not that she is “well dressed”. The clothing has a revelatory effect. It’s the same thing with Designer Lift: you see beautiful skin not made-up skin.


3 questions for our Giorgio Armani Laboratories

Where does Designer Lift’s rejuvenating action come from?
Designer Lift is a firming and smoothing foundation that owes its properties to a synergy of active ingredients: redensifying adenosine, emollient and smoothing agents, and antioxidant vitamin E. In addition, it forms a “microlifting” network that gives an instant feeling of tighter, firmer skin that lasts for 12 hours.

What is innovative about its formulation?
The way in which light is treated. Designer Lift really tames light to sculpt the face. It contains a high concentration of pearlizers and soft-focus fillers that diffuse rays of light in every direction to blur the slightest blemish, giving an instant “Glow” effect.

How does this formula benefit all skin types, irrespective of age?
Designer Lift delivers a satiny result, a stretch effect and additional firmness, which together create an instant healthy glow. It also contains moisturising agents and well-hydrated skin is always more luminous.


3 questions for Anais Fall, Giorgio Armani’s Laboratories Colour Specialist

Adding the colour Prussian blue seems to be a real bonus in terms of radiance. Can you explain this optical phenomenon?
Prussian blue has the particular characteristic of enhancing black and white, reviving these colours and making them appear purer. The black and white fillers (indispensable in any foundation formula) are less dull here. The final ten shades are more luminous and the make-up result more radiant.

How did you develop the ten Designer Lift shades?
We based our work on the “Rainbow” study, an analysis of the skin of more than 2,000 women, which allowed us to target the needs of each skin tone. The Designer lift palette is thus divided into three families: fair shades for Asian skin, medium tones for European to mixed race skin and dark shades for African skin. The aim being to amplify the radiance of each colour to obtain a perfect “Armani Glow”.

On that topic, you have incorporated different pearlizers according to skin tone. How do they act to boost the luminosity of the complexion?
The pearlizers themselves already heighten radiance because they reflect almost as much light as they receive. To go even further, we have chosen gold pearlizers to illuminate dark skin, pink pearlizers (which simulate the skin’s microcirculation) to give Caucasian skin a healthy appearance, and finally blue pearlizers (opposite yellow in the colour circle) to counter yellow tones in Asian skin and provide it with renewed luminosity.


Designer Lift Foundation has a suggested retail price of $65 and will be available in October online at and at Armani Fifth Avenue and select fine department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Barneys.

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  1. Jen October 27, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    I always liked Armani’s foundations, they matches my color really well. So I’ll have to get this.

  2. Brit October 27, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    Blue Glow effect sounds interesting. I wonder how it looks on the face. I’m going to see if my Armani carry this already.

  3. Jess October 27, 2011 at 5:49 PM

    This foundation has been noted on my to-buy list! I hope I can pick the perfect shade for my skintone!

    Thanks for your introduction!

    • admin October 27, 2011 at 6:10 PM

      Not a problem Jess. Also, I want to read more posts from you. I saw that you started to write again!

  4. Rola October 30, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    I like Lasting Silk a lot, so I am curious about this new foundation. I will check it out. Thanks.

    • admin October 31, 2011 at 10:04 PM

      I’m also curious about this foundation. Let us know what you think ^^


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