Giorgio Armani Holiday Collection 2012 White Night Make-Up Palette Swatches Review

Running to parties, clubs, and the business meetings is probably as often as you would think at the end of the year. Yes, I did say business meetings. Sometimes too many colors can be hard to choose. Other times, throwing in the purse a whole array of palettes could mean heaviness to the shoulders. Why not have something that is pretty much in one go. Something that can cover 3 makeup products at once? Dior had a magnificent looking one this season from their Grand Bal collection. What about Giorgio Armani?

This Holiday 2012 Collection from the brand has 2 different palettes with separate looks that could cater to whatever your mood takes you.

Giorgio Armani Holiday Collection 2012 Make-Up Palette Moonlight

Giorgio Armani’s White Night Make-Up Palettes come complete with everything you need in a single kit. The kit includes a highlighter, two eyeshadows, and a lip color. Right out of the package is all that you would need without carrying a whole bunch of stuff in the purse. For those of you wondering, that was one of the purses I got over the course of 2 weeks.

Let’s start off with #1 Moonlight Beige. Armani is always gorgeous for having its dual tiered design. Not to mention compact with a curve! Anyways, the top is a frosty golden beige highlighter. If you flip up the top tier, you will see the other colors underneath along with a dual tipped sponge applicator and a single tip applicator.

Here is a direct look at the color of the top tier. GA is engraved right in the middle. The bottom tier contains 2 eyeshadow colors on the left and middle and a lipstick color on the far right. Eyeshadow colors consist of a gradation of taupe whereas the lipstick is nudy beige. As you’re probably curious about to see how frosty the highlighter looks in the pan, rest assured! The top layer of high shimmer wears off with initial use, so after that you will still look glowy but without the fear of looking like a disco ball. Same thing goes with palette #2 moonlight white.

After a quick swatch, I notice that the highlighter feels soft and long lasting. By long lasting, the color lasted for quite a while without looking dull. The same holds true for the others as well. I think it is because the colors are enhanced with both Micro-Fil and Color-Fil. Not to mention, the colors are finely milled. For more information regarding both technologies mentioned visit the press page.

The colors from this palette is more along the times of a natural looking beauty. Colors are soft, easy to wear and nothing too bold or extravagant.

The 2nd palette in the series is #2 Moonlight White. Contrary to #1, the colors in this palette are more cool toned, somewhat reminding one of winter.

The top tier is a snow white colored highlighter that is shimmery and cold. On the bottom tier are a gradation of grey colors finished with a crimson lip color.

Lastly, the palette’s colors are more colorful and brings much more life to the face than the first one. The first one was more along the lines of a natural look whereas this one gives off a more sophisticated winter look that goes from snowy highlighted shimmers with silvery grey eyeshadows ending with a set of bold red lips. Not only the highlighter is smooth to the touch, the eyeshadows are even more buttery and they’re quite pigmented as well. The lip color goes well with the gray gradation of the eyeshadows while providing long lasting moisturizing effect.

Giorgio Armani’s palettes prove to be compact and easy to carry around. Colors either fit in a more natural state or a bolder look. Nonetheless either colors look festive on the face. The formula and such are made of high quality that don’t disappoint.

Both palettes from Giorgio Armani are available at Nordstrom, SaksfifthavenueNeiman Marcus and Barneys.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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