Giorgio Armani Maestro Octinoxate Sunscreen Fusion Makeup and Eraser Dark Circle Concealer Swatches and Review

Revolutionary products are built on technology and brain power to create something no other has ever been able to imagine. This is what Giorgio Armani has proved to show us when the brand came to further perfecting its face makeup line. Armani foundations have been raved about all the time especially Luminous Silk, Lasting Silk UV, and Designer Lift Smoothing Firming. Those are just a few of its award-winning makeup products… Now here is the latest and greatest from the family of Armani Beauty, the Maestro Fusion Makeup! If you haven’t seen the press and test results of the Maestro line, you could find out here.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation and Eraser Concealer

We will begin with the Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Octinoxate Sunscreen Fusion Makeup. Out of the 12 shades (9 for the rest of the world), the one that is depicted today is #4.

Let’s first make one thing clear. Maestro is not a simple foundation, actually it’s much more than that. It’s a revolutionary face perfector! Maestro is formulated with ultra-fine oil-pigment that’s easy to apply and shows amazingly flawless results. Not only does it ignite the beauty of the face, it also covers up imperfections. The compound base is water-free as well as powder-free. Technology is built upon Armani’s Fusion Technology. Blending perfectly and correcting skin imperfections without heavy mask-like buildup is what Fusion Technology is.

Unlike traditional designed Giorgio Armani liquid foundations, Maestro is different! It is different in a way that is unique and very luxurious. The Maestro makeup comes in a elliptical frosty glass bottle with a classic black dropper. Yes, instead of traditional cap with a pump underneath, there is a dropper with a squeeze bulb. One that you might find similar in a lab. The dropper gives precision amount of product drop by drop. So you could control how much should be dispensed and how you’d like to blend and layer it.

Next up we have the Eraser Dark Circle Concealer. Erasers are really cool when it comes to removing things on paper and other stuff. But if we could erase some of the stuff on our face it would be much cooler especially the eye area! Oh, you know aging, staying up late, and stress etc all cause those puffy dark circles that we hate.

This brand new concealer from the Maestro collection is what fades away the dark circles around our eyes. Inside this concealer is both makeup and skincare. Besides created on the same fusion makeup technology, the Eraser also contains caffeine which gradually fades away dark circles around the eye area. The texture is ultra fine and silky smooth. By “erasing” the dark circles under the eyes, it brightens up the area and enhances the skin tone appearance. Let’s face it if our eyes are bright and glowy, the overall complexion will also look much more radiant. Therefore this concealer has come to the rescue.

There are a total of 6 shades for this concealer and the color that we will be depicting today is #4 as well. This concealer comes in a squeeze tube. It is very easy to use. Though the tube might look small, it will last quite a while. Because it’s very pigmented and a little bit goes a long way.

You can check out how the nozzle looks off this tube once the cap is twisted off. It is hygienic and easy to carry.

As you can see through the swatch of both the perfector and the concealer blend seamlessly. They look and feel just like second skin. They are both very fluid-y while the concealer is a tad bit thicker and more pigmented. Remember we talked about oil-pigment fusion makeup technology? Since the formula uses oil instead of water, and oil is so much lighter than water, in result the makeup feels absolutely weightless. It also feels very natural on the skin, I can barely feel it existed either.

But anyways, the wear time lasts all day and night. Once I had the makeup on for over 13 hours, it didn’t crack or feel heavy at all. Even with sweat, water, and more there was no smudging. It is simply perfection. Something that is a bit frightening. Maybe not scary frightening but astonishing because of how well it is built with technology. Did I mention the awesome cover up of imperfections? It is there indeed! The foundation is so easy to apply on and so easy to use. It is really effortless.

The concealer is something that is unquestionably an elite makeup tool. It conceals the circles around the eyes leaving it looking as if anything dark wasn’t there before. Its hydrating properties makes it feel non-drying after application and irritation is obsolete. Do note that both being #4, the concealer is a bit darker than the complexion perfector. The color actually adapts and matches my skin tone nicely. Also note that the concealer contains subtle sheen (not visible shimmer) that makes skin look more radiant, something differnt than the matte luminous finish of the complexion perfector.

Armani Maestro Foundation and Concealer #4 Swatch

Both the complexion perfector and concealer are enhanced and created so well to perfect our canvas leaving out all the imperfections. The perfector is especially something so powerful. This latest addition to the Armani face makeup family is something new and reinvents the entire line. As for the concealer, it is a complimenting product that can be used to further perfect what the foundation can’t around the eye area. So with the magic of both products, the entire face including the eyes are without a doubt a piece of art.

Armani Beauties Maestro Octinoxate Sunscreen Fusion Makeup and Eraser Dark Circle Concealer can be found at Neiman Marcus, coming soon to Armani counters and GiorgioArmaniBeauty-USA.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

2 Responses to Giorgio Armani Maestro Octinoxate Sunscreen Fusion Makeup and Eraser Dark Circle Concealer Swatches and Review

  1. Erin September 5, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    Would you say #4 in Maestro is appropriate for a Mac NC15? I wear #2 in Designer Lift, wondering if I should wait to try this in person or just cross my fingers and buy. Thanks for whatever insight you can give!

    • Fruity September 6, 2012 at 1:28 AM

      The color #4 is very comparable to Designer Lift Foundation #4 which is a yellow undertone (not pink). So if you use #2 in Designer Lift, #4 Maestro may not be the perfect match for you. But you’ll definitely like the texture and feel of Maestro. It’s weightless and really blendable. If you have Neiman (in store 9/6) close by, you should go to the counter and test out the color. Hope this answers your question.


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