Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Highlighting Palette Belladonna Swatch Review

The ever so luxurious, elegant, and stunning brand, Giorgio Armani always brings his signature look to the table with excellent color choice and superb formula. For the season, there is a brand new highlighting palette that is worth mentioning that is named after a pretty but deadly flower known as Belladonna. It reminds me sorta like the brands popular, Eyes to Kill, except this is a highlighter!

Giorgio Armani Face Palette Packaging

Armani’s highlighting palette for Spring 2014, comes in a color that adapts to the skin quite well without being over. Instead it brightens up the overall cheeks / face with its ultra smooth formula that is incomparable.

Giorgio Armani Highlighting Palette Belladonna

This double tiered highlighter has a compartment that holds a fan shaped flat kabuki brush. It is so soft!

Giorgio Armani Highlighting Palette Brush

This palette is embossed in a belladonna floral design that is 3 dimensional from the look. The detail is so well done that each fine line can be seen. Take a close look at the next 2 photos for the design.

Giorgio Armani Belladonna Highlighting Palette

Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Highlighting Palette Belladonna

The texture on this palette is soft melting to the skin. The powder itself is extremely fine, golden champagne color highlighting the path of where the swatch is used. It is smooth on the skin without hesitation after the highlight is evenly distributed. You can tell from the left side of the skin contrasted with the right. In both photos below, the top one is without flash and the one directly beneath it is with flash. The difference can be seen and captured by the eyes on how much the shimmers react to light reflection. With such smooth texture can definitely work as an eye highlighter as well.

Giorgio Armani Belladonna Highlighting Palette Swatch

Giorgio Armani Belladonna Highlighting Palette Swatch Flash

Belladonna is beautiful in the pan and on the skin with super soft and smooth finish, almost like the skin on the face. The comfort from wearing this highlighter is outstanding. It gives a much desired overall complexion of brightness and goes well with many of the seasons cosmetics.

This highlighter can be found at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Giorgio Armani.

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